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Ecommerce Personalization Tools

What are Ecommerce Personalization Tools

Personal touch makes people feel special and when you make someone feel special s/he will get happy and love you. In the context of ecommerce, this personal touch is called ecommerce personalization. The way your visitors react to it is what makes them purchase, take certain desired actions, become your loyal customers, get engaged and attached. Ecommerce personalization tools help you make it happen.

Why Ecommerce Personalization

When we look at the statistics Infosys states that 86% of customers say that personalization plays a role in their purchasing decision. I go further and claim that for the remaining 14%, personalization again plays an important role but they just don’t notice it since it happens subconsciously. So to me, there is no way ecommerce personalization doesn’t affect a customer’s journey on an ecommerce site.
So we understand that ecommerce personalization is quite important since it affects your customers’ experience and gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers and finally have the engagement that you have been seeking. In today’s world, ecommerce personalization is probably one of the most crucial conversion optimization strategies since your visitors will feel themselves unique, which will make them in the end loyal customers and you will maintain that attachment again through ecommerce personalization.

Which Tools to Choose

The question is how are you going to achieve this personalization and how are you going to choose which ecommerce personalization tools you should better use. When you google ecommerce personalization tools you’ll see that there are dozens of them. So it is important to know exactly what your business is doing and in which way you need personalization depending on your customer segments. This process of segmenting your customers and recommending personalized products to them is a rather hard one and Segmentify is one of  the few who can do that really well. Although recommendation and personalization are quite crucial for users’ shopping experience you may need something else because the products you are selling may not vary much and don’t need any product recommendation. Hence what you should firstly do is knowing the needs of your business and the demands and tendencies of your customers.
In that case for instance maybe you need something which will again provide you with ecommerce personalization not with product recommendations but with establishing meaningful, personal, and productive relations with your customers like Zendesk does.
To sum up, ecommerce personalization tools aim connection, attachment, and engagement with the customers, but how you achieve this depends very much on the type of your business and customers and what you lack in terms of ecommerce personalization and you are to decide which tool to choose according to those parameters.

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