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8 Ideas to Help Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is where you should definitely check, if you suffer from low profits. This rate shows you what percentage of your visitors actually buys something. Assume you have 100 visitors a month. If you sell to 15 of them, your CR is 15%. Obviously as your conversion rate increases, you start looking for a better safe. So the question is how to increase conversion rate? Although there is no golden strategy that works for everyone here are 8 ideas to help you increase your conversion rate (CR).

1) Visuals

In online world, looks are almost everything. Neglecting such an aspect wouldn’t be wise considering 93% of the internet users have stated that visual appearance is the key factor on whether they make a purchase. Even 52% have stated that they would not buy from a site just because it is aesthetically unsuccessful.

Deciding on the general layout of the website is one of the crucial points. It can contribute to conversion rate increase. Most users stated that they prefer vertical sites. A/B testing would be beneficial testing your customer profile’s choices.

One of the easiest ways to increase conversion rate is displaying a video. An explanatory video will persuade your customers that the product is the answer to their problem. A survey suggests that customers find a website with a video (Here I mean a website/company that can create its own video content, not a link to YouTube page of something unrelated) more trustworthy and professional.

2) Ease of use

Apple rocks this part, there is no reason you can’t do as well. Following steps will help you reach higher conversion rates.

Don’t force your customers to register. Most of the time spending some unknown time on registration is frustrating and doesn’t worth the effort for the customers. Try to be able to finalize a purchase without registering. Suggest to your customers reasons to register after the deal like discounts, shipping monitor etc.

Improve your headlines. Make sure that they present enough information but still short enough to be a title.

Load quick. Average internet user doesn’t like wat more than 3 seconds for site to load. Therefore, be quick.

Imagine the conversion rates of this site!

Don’t we just love this circle!

Ensure you have visible CTAs. Call to action buttons are must. How you present them is also important. Make them clearly visible and provoking if possible.

Optimize your search bar. Having an effective search bar puts you ahead of numerous competitors. Having a functional search bar also compensates for a lot of probable mistakes. Like dead links or 404 errors.

Shorten your landing page. Don’t let your potential customers fall into a pool of garbage. Make them feel comfortable.

Minimize distractions. Manage your ad spaces and background wisely. Don’t let your customers forget why they were in your site at the first place.

3) Cost factors and pricing

Managing monetary is also a vital issue in e-commerce. Here, I can give 3 simple but solid advise to improve your conversion rate.
Don’t create surprise costs. Adding even small extra costs like some taxes or unexpected contributions. This will frustrate your customers. Ask for what you have shown. Otherwise you’ll lose credibility.

Additional costs reduce conversion rate.

A surprise isn’t always pleasant

Have a return policy. Knowing that the company has an easy and working return policy will persuade your customer to give a shot for things they wouldn’t normally do.
Have competitive prices. Internet world is the easiest platform to compare prices. There are even tools and softwares for that. Hence, set your prices reasonable.

4) Customer experience

Not confuse with user experience, CX gains more and more attention as the e-commerce grow to gargantuan numbers. CX is how your e-commerce feels like an actual boutique shop where you have direct human contact with your customers. To improve your conversion rate, you can have a look at recent novelties in e-commerce.

Chat. Live. Online. Having a live chat line while surfing on a site will give the customer to get quick answers to their questions and doubts.
Know your customers. Personalize a customer’s site as you collect information about them. Have an algorithm that suggests the customer with that they would like considering their past activities.
Promote what you did. Let your customer know which products you sell the most. On which you have discounts. These will be the ones most people decide on.
Free shipping. Even it is 1% of the purchase done, free shipping feels like a birthday present to many customers.

Free shipping contributes to conversion rate increase

Chinese can do it for 12 cents.

5) Testing

Testing your website will guide you in improving. A/B testing or 5 seconds test are the most popular, easy and effective ones. Eventhough there are softwares and websites to test your site for the starting steps you can trust your friends. Ask them to check your site. You can apply 5 seconds test easily. Give your friends 5 seconds to check your website and ask them about what they remember. 5 seconds are enough for more than you’d think.

A/B testing is the most popular technique in conversion rate optimization

A/B testing is the most popular technique in conversion rate optimization

6) Creating urgency and scarcity

Sales are psychology. It is not always easy to appeal to emotions but if you can you’ll
collect the trophies. Fear or fuss if you prefer is usually the easiest. Add time factor or counter to your website. One alternative would be stating that your stock is limited.

Creating urgency helps conversion increase

I MUST buy that sheet-set.

7) Create credibility

Sales are psychology as sustainable trade is respect and trust. Have credit on your customers. Following steps will return as conversion rate increase:
Use numbers. Explaining your trade in numbers is a simple way to be clear and understandable. This will also let your customers to evaluate you easier. Add numbers to your headlines if possible. This technique will also collect attention. FAQ is a good place to use numbers, too.
Obtain one and show your trust/award badge. These little symbols speak more than a page-full persuasive essay.
State your phone number. Having a phone number on the website will make you more trustworthy.
Add human touch. Show people that the creators of the site are not robots. An  “About us” page will do fine.

8) Analyse your data

Use softwares to control, execute and edit your strategy. Know how much each product sells. Know your conversion rate. Control your organic traffic. Make the best of cookies. Knowing these will help you to take wiser decisions.

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