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Written by Segmentify

06 April 2016




Increase Conversion Rates on Your B2B Website

Dear e-commerce folks! This week we have a guest blog post, Harsha Kiran Reddy the CEO of Potential Asia. Harsha will go through 3 main ways to increase conversion rates on your B2B website. The website, Customer services and Discounts are the topics. Here is the post to increase your conversion rates:

Get Ready to Increase Conversion Rate

Let’s assume you sell an awesome product or provide a great service, that solves a real problem. Let’s also assume that you are willing to sell this product or service at a reasonable price to your customers. You put it on the website with all this information and are looking to either sell your product or service on this website or collect qualified leads to the people who are interested in buying from you.
People who are interested in your product or service will not turn up to your website automatically and you will have to spend a significant time and investment marketing your website. When you spend so much on the marketing of your website, you will expect a reasonable return on this investment. Only when a lot of the prospects coming to your website buy from you or leave their contact information (known as a ‘conversion’), do you get a positive return on your marketing investment. Even when you sell a great product at a reasonable price, your conversion rate might still be low because of various factors that influence consumer behavior online. Here is an infographic from BargainFox that shows some factors that influence online consumer behavior.
The Website

Website - Increase Conversion Rate


1. Design
Are you paying attention to the rol of your website? It is tempting for a startup to save costs by putting up a free website. If you have a shabby website, whose design is not attractive to the visitor, it might be costing you a lot of business, since the design affects 93% of shoppers’ purchase decision.
2. Videos
While you can go on and on about your product’s features and its benefits to the buyer in a text, a lot of online shoppers seemingly do not have time to read through it all. A short video that explains the product or service can have immense benefits since 96% of shoppers find them helpful. Also, replacing images with videos describing your product can instantly increase your conversion rates by 12.62%.
3. Usability
If you are falling short on your expected conversion rates in spite of having a good looking website, it is possible that your visitors find it hard to use. You should be getting feedback from your targeted customers on your website’s ease of use since 76% of people say that ease of use is an important characteristic. Also, you should not be forcing website registration or newsletter sign-up on the customer when they try to purchase. It was recently found that enabling Guest checkout instantly increases purchases by 45%.
4. Loading Speed
Since a lot of internet browsing happens over the mobile, it is important that your website loads quickly on mobile devices. A slow loading website is sure to have bad consequences since customer satisfaction drops by 7% for every second that your website takes to load.
Customer Service

Customer Service - Increase Conversion Rate

Customer Service

1. Live Chat Support
Live Chat is a great way to provide support to your customers. Also, since 68% of shoppers say that they have engaged in Live Chat with a support agent, it makes sense to provide the service on the mobile version of your website too. Also, implementing Live Chat support increases conversions by a minimum of 20% on Business to Business websites.
2. Return Policy
A lot of online shoppers don´t like to by¿uy online for fear to find attractive product image and the list of attractive benefits they are looking on your website not to be as good or not to keep up in real – life. To encourage them to make the purchase, it is important to provide a hassle-fee return policy on all your products. By providing a good return policy and mentioning it on your website, you can instantly boost your sales by significantly, since 48% of shoppers say that they would shop more with retailers that offer a good return policy.

Discount - Increase Conversion Rate


1. Free Shipping
A lot of online shoppers say that they are discouraged to buy from a retailer if they do not provide free shipping unconditionally. In fact, 47% of shoppers say that they would instantly abandon your website even after placing a product in their basket and proceeding to the checkout screen if they found that free shipping was not included. Providing unconditional free shipping has shown to increase order values by more than 30%.
2. Coupons
Many online shoppers say that they would love to shop with an online retailer who provides discount coupons. 40% of shoppers constantly look for or redeem discount coupons on their mobile devices.

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