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Connect, Collect, and Convert with the Right Customer Engagement Features

They crave personalisation. Are you delivering?

80% of customers say experiences matter as much as products. But are you leaving money on the table by ignoring their need for personalised engagement?

Segmentify’s Customer Engagement Playbook unveils the power of pop-ups, notification bars, and form surveys to address key customer engagement challenges.

Discover How to:

  • Increase email subscriptions by capturing leads at the perfect moment.
  • Reduce cart abandonment with targeted messaging that re-engages hesitant shoppers.
  • Boost user engagement through personalised recommendations and interactive content.
  • Keep visitors on your site with exit-intent pop-ups that offer valuable incentives.
  • Collect valuable customer feedback to improve your offerings and user experience.
  • Gather first-party data to personalise future interactions and drive marketing ROI.

You’ll go beyond features. This playbook is packed with real-world examples and proven strategies to help you overcome common customer engagement challenges.  

Download your FREE Customer Engagement Playbook today and discover how to connect with customers, collect valuable data, and convert them into loyal brand advocates!

A page out of the Customer Engagement Playbook by Segmentify. The page explains and shows how the “Notification Bar” feature can be used.
Image source: Segmentify

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