Which Pages are Most Popular at Ecommerce?


Category Page


Product Page


Other Pages


Home Page


One of the biggest mysteries in e-commerce is distribution rate of pageviews by page types. Most of the people might say "Home Page" is the most viewed page type of websites. It may be true for your small size websites but after heavy usage of digital advertisement, social media and SEO everything starts changing.

After analyzing 20k+ website data, we figured out most viewed page is "Category Page" on e-commerce websites with 49,5% of usage. This is not because of inside activity. Most pageviews come directly from ads, social media and SEO traffic. Showing all your products in one page may attract digital marketing managers to use Category page as a landing page. Also, campaign based new category production becomes a favorite digital marketing activity these days.

Product Pages comes after that with 28% visiting ratio. This is the result of sale based campaigns, SEO and organic social media sharing, which constitutes a pretty big portion of all traffic because people love to share their clothes they just bought.

Other pages are in the third place with 13% of all page views. We called Other pages for checkout pages, 404 pages, search pages etc.

and the last page is Home Page with 9.5%. Yes, Home Page of e-commerce websites has only 9.5% of pageviews. Most of these page views come from direct traffic and a few from SEO. If your homepage view ratio is higher than this number then you can think that you have a good number of loyal customers.

to be honest, we should be ready for social media oriented or ad oriented websites in next 10 years if we put all our effort into these channels. Ads and social media may become the only way to sell products online.

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