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Why Choose Segmentify? Learn About the Insider Alternative

Considering switching to an Insider alternative? Compare Segmentify and Insider; discover how Segmentify is your dream marketing automation platform!

Key Features: Why Use Segmentify as an Insider Alternative for Customer Engagement?

With its unmatched real-time analytics tool, internal search box personalisation, and Searchandising module, Segmentify is a marketing automation platform you’ll want to get to know intimately before jumping into any other long-term commitments.

I. Real Real-Time Analytics

Frustrated by the 72-hour wait for Google Analytics data? 

Segmentify’s MicroAnalytics delivers real-time insights every 30 minutes, empowering you to spot trends, optimise campaigns on the fly, and stay ahead of the curve—all with the freshest website performance data.

II. Searchandising Like You Never Knew

Forget clunky internal search! Segmentify’s Searchandising optimises for both SEO and conversions, guaranteeing high visibility and relevant results for your customers.

Craft the perfect search experience: Customise facets, ranking algorithms, and ordering rules to align with your business goals perfectly. Enjoy lightning-fast browsing thanks to a super lightweight codebase (30% smaller than competitors’) and a smooth 2-hour integration process.

III. Integrated Data Points

Segmentify seamlessly integrates your internal search box, Searchandising features, and search analytics with other marketing tools like recommendation widgets, push notifications, and email campaigns. This powerful connection provides a unified view of the customer journey.

Imagine understanding exactly what a customer searches for and then using that insight to trigger targeted recommendations, relevant push notifications, and personalised emails!

Real-Time Analytics
Internal Search Box Personalisation
Searchandising (Personalised Search Results)☑️
Internal Search Analytics☑️
Customer Data Profiling☑️
AI-Based Behavioural Segmentation☑️
Dynamic Real-Time Customer Segmentation☑️
Rule-Based Segmentation☑️
Personalised Recommendations☑️
Cross-Channel Marketing☑️
Targeted Personalised Ads☑️
Personalised Emails☑️
Triggered Emails☑️
Drag-and-Drop Email Campaign Editor☑️
Web Push Notifications☑️
Social Proof☑️
A/B Testing☑️
Multi-Language Support☑️

Why Should You Choose Segmentify as Your Personalised Marketing Platform?

Empower your customer journeys with real-time data, powerful search, and personalised experiences—all backed by dedicated support:

Dedicated Account Management

Segmentify doesn’t just provide the tools; it offers guidance on how to use them effectively. With dedicated account management, you’ll get personalised Growth Plans tailored to your goals and KPIs and Opportunity Analysis (OPAN) to help uncover hidden growth potential within your data.

Swift and Reliable Technical Support

Don’t worry about technical hiccups slowing you down. Our team of experts is readily available to answer your questions, troubleshoot any issues you encounter, and provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing reliable support is always at your back.

Get in touch with us to get more info on Segmentify!