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Maximise your sales with fully personalised and intelligent search

Improve your search capabilities with Search Box & Searchandising and provide an intelligent “search experience” to convert more visitors into customers.

43% of website visitorsgo straight to the internal search barwhen they first visit a site.

Don't let irrelevant search results drive customers away

Manipulate the search results to fit your needs by customising the formula; add, remove, highlight, pin, or exclude items/brands/categories.

Customers who search are more likely to buy than customers who don't; don't miss out on them!

Shape the search results page according to the query; add relevant banners to drive conversion.

Don't alienate your customers with search results that aren't personalised to them!

Provide personalised search results based on the user's previous searches, purchases, favourites or added to cart.

Are you struggling with low click-through rates?

Choose the most appropriate algorithm to bring the most suitable products in the opening of the search box; Top Sellers, Last Visited, New Arrivals and more.

Don't let your bounce rates go up because of misspelt searches or 404 pages!

Come up with the correct results when the search term is misspelt, or add synonyms for “No results” keywords.