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Why Choose Segmentify? Learn About the Luigi’s Box Alternative

Considering switching to a Luigi’s Box alternative? Compare Segmentify and Luigi’s Box and discover how Segmentify’s additional features can help you build complete customer journeys. 

Key Features: Why Use Segmentify as a Luigi’s Box Alternative?

Luigi’s Box offers basic on-site search and searchandising capabilities, but Segmentify elevates marketing campaign management to a whole new level.

Segmentify’s comprehensive suite of features empowers businesses to create personalised cross-channel user journeys, ensuring that every interaction across websites, apps, and marketing campaigns speaks directly to each user.

In other words, Segmentify’s internal search box and searchandising capabilities and analytics are directly connected to recommendation widgets, push notifications, and email campaigns, allowing room for a comprehensive look at the customer journey.

FeatureSegmentifyLuigi’s Box
Real-Time Website Analytics
Website Personalisation
On-Page Personalised Recommendations
Cross-Channel Journey Building
Personalised Ads Targeting
Email Marketing
Push Notifications
API Integration☑️
Multi-Language Support☑️
Internal Search Box☑️
Search Box Personalisation and Recommendation☑️
Searchandising (Personalised Search Results)☑️
Search Analytics☑️
A/B Testing☑️

Segmentify vs. Luigi’s Box: What Makes Segmentify’s Internal Search Box and Searchandising Solutions Special?

Consider what you need and would like in an on-site search alternative to Luigi’s Box. These might help you make up your mind.

Native Search Box Design

Native search box design ensures the organic integration of an on-site search solution with the website’s aesthetics, enhancing user engagement. Segmentify streamlines this, providing an easy, harmonious native search box design that aligns with your site’s style, fostering a visually cohesive and user-friendly user experience.

Personalised Search Results Based on Different Algorithms

Relevant search result listings are vital for user satisfaction, conversion, and customer retention. Whether prioritising trends, popularity, personalisation, or more, Segmentify users can tailor and optimise their website’s search experience using different algorithms available through the dashboard. The outcome is enhanced customer engagement and a higher probability of successful transactions.

Retargeting Campaigns Using Search Analytics

The user journey usually starts with the search box but doesn’t necessarily end in a sale. Even when they find the exact thing they were searching for, the visitors may need time before committing to a purchase.

A sophisticated engagement platform like Segmentify allows you to use previous search analytics and browsing data for retargeting campaigns with on-site recommendations, push notifications, or email reminders.