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Why Choose Segmentify? Learn About the Alternative

Considering switching to a alternative? Compare Segmentify and Samba; discover how Segmentify can change the way you look at marketing automation platforms!

Key Features: Why Use Segmentify as a Alternative for Marketing Automation?

Segmentify empowers you with a powerful combination: Unmatched personalisation algorithms, a seamless approach to data integration, and the most up-to-date website/catalogue performance insights.

I. Unleash Hyper-Personalised Experiences

Segmentify’s AI-powered engine delivers an unmatched set of 19 recommendation algorithms across 7 different page types. This unmatched flexibility empowers you to:

  • Choose from a diverse range of algorithms designed for specific goals, ensuring you have the perfect tool for every situation.
  • Tailor recommendations to specific pages like product listings, category pages, shopping carts  , etc. for maximum impact.
  • Address the needs of all customer segments, from first-time visitors (using Smart Offers) to loyal customers (using You May Also Like) with targeted content across different channels.

II. Ditch the 72-Hour Wait with Segmentify

Tired of waiting days for Google Analytics data? MicroAnalytics delivers real-time insights every 30 minutes, so you can:

  • React instantly: Spot trends and optimise campaigns on the fly, staying ahead of the curve with the freshest website performance data.
  • Have access to real real-time analytics: Gain real-time, up-to-date performance data for your website, ensuring you always have the freshest information at your fingertips.

III. Unified Look at Customer and Business Insights

Segmentify unifies your customer and business insights by seamlessly integrating all internal data with marketing tools. This powerful connection provides a holistic view of the customer journey, revealing exactly what customers are looking for.

In essence, Segmentify bridges the gap between customer insights and business goals, allowing you to make informed decisions that enhance customer experience and drive positive business outcomes.
Personalised Internal Search
Searchandising (Personalised Search Results)
Search Results Boosting
Product Pinning and Exclusion in Search Results
Display Non-Product Content in Search
Social Proof
Personalised Emails
Real-Time Behavioural Analytics☑️
AI Personalisation☑️
Predictive Analytics☑️
Detailed Customer Insights (Customer Data Profiling)☑️
RFM Analysis☑️
AI-Based Smart Segmentation☑️
Rule-Based Customer Segmentation☑️
Website Personalisation☑️
Triggered Emails☑️
Personalised Product Recommendations☑️
Push Notifications☑️
Targeted Ads☑️
Multi-Language Support☑️
API Integration☑️
JS Integration☑️

Why Should You Choose Segmentify as Your Business Partner?

Empower your customer journeys with real-time data, powerful search, and personalised experiences—all backed by dedicated support:

Dedicated Account Management

 Beyond just providing the tools, Segmentify invests in your success with dedicated account management. This means you’ll get:

  • Personalised Growth Plans: Tailored strategies created specifically for your unique goals and KPIs.
  • Opportunity Analysis (OPAN): Expert insights that uncover hidden growth potential within your data, helping you maximise the platform’s effectiveness.

Swift and Reliable Technical Support

Focus on what matters, not technical hiccups. Segmentify’s expert support team provides prompt and reliable assistance, so you can focus on what you do best.