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Search and Discovery

Fully personalised and intelligent search can help you maximise your sales

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A fully customisable search

A fully customisable search for the most converted search results

Customise the formula and search results to fit your needs by manipulating the criteria and adding, removing, highlighting, pinning, and excluding items.

Synonym / Typo Tolerance / Autocomplete

Common spelling mistakes under certain conditions can return results successfully.

Synonym / Typo tolerance / Autocomplete
1-1 personalised search results

1-1 personalised search results 

Personalised search results based on user’s previous searches… Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Query-based result manipulation & banner implementation

A search results page shaped according to the query is possible. Hide or pin any product on the results page, add a relevant banner and get reports

Rich boosting capabilities

Ability to boost all attributes both globally and on a query basis to get the optimum results.

Rich boosting capabilities
”Did you mean?” suggestions

”Did you mean?” suggestions

The search bar truly understands what you mean by combining popular and previous searches.

Search preview

Quickly check the edits on the panel without going live and provide the most accurate settings.

Visual Builder
Fast implementation

Fast implementation

100% compatible with the site and with a customised design, the search capability is online without wasting time.

Don’t let irrelevant search results give you a bounce rate

Watch how After Search works.

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