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Written by Segmentify

07 March 2023


Online Food Supplier Bonservis Uses the Search Box to Increase Conversions by 64%

A renowned online food supplier, Bonservis aims to accurately identify every customer’s needs, whether they are individuals or members of the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) Industry, and provide the right products to meet those demands. Bonservis takes pride in delivering orders on time and in the most favourable conditions.


Bonservis achieved 64% higher conversions!


Add-to-Basket rate uplifted by 36%.


An uplift of 8% was observed in Click-Through Rates.


eCommerce has steadily increased in popularity over the past decade, changing customers’ purchasing habits and expectations. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend, especially in the food and beverage industry.

The food and beverage industry deals with perishable goods, which must be sold quickly to maintain the high quality required by customers and regulatory authorities. The short time-to-market and the rapid flow of products distinguish the food and beverage industry from others and, at the same time, constitute one of the biggest challenges of this industry.

Put another way, an online food supplier like Bonservis is typically expected to have a large selection of products. Considering that its customers are both businesses and individuals, what these two main segments have in common is that they all expect they’ll be able to precisely locate what they want or need in a matter of seconds.

With so many products available to Bonservis customers, finding the right item can be challenging. After all, an unhappy and frustrated customer will not be a repeat customer.

To overcome this challenge and increase customer lifetime value (LTV), Bonservis required a solution to put the short shelf life of food and beverage products and customer journey to its centre. In other words, Bonservis needed to improve Customer Experience (CX) and make product discovery easier.

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