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Written by Segmentify

09 March 2023


Spirits Club Increases Conversions by 64% with Location & User-Based Personalisation

Founded in 2012 in the UK, Flaviar is an online wine and spirits club for people looking for new experiences. The company defines itself as “a band of spirits enthusiasts” and offers its customers a chance to expand their knowledge of the world of spirits.

Flaviar offers its customers personalised samples and access to rare and original spirits. The company aims to bring the rich history and art of distilled spirits to the 21st century. In their own words, they’re leading the modern speakeasy movement.


Click-Through-Rate increased by 8%.


Flaviar observed a 64% increase in conversions with personalisation.


Add-to-Cart rate uplifted by 36%.

Flaviar’s Goal

The spirits market is oversaturated at the moment. And because most bars and liquor stores put the most well-known brands above everything else, the vast world of spirit gets left undiscovered. Flaviar, on the other hand, cares deeply about the diversity and quality of its products. Flaviar’s mission, therefore, is to bring unique spirits and customers together according to their personal tastes.

After all, you are what you drink.

Challenges Faced by Flaviar

Currently, Flaviar operates in 25 locations, meaning that the recommended products in Segmentify’s campaigns have to differ based on the user’s location. Additionally, each location has different price and stock information based on the product.

Flaviar operates in 25 locations and has 3 different user types.

In addition to that, Flaviar has 3 different types of users. These are categorised as:

  • Anonymous: Who have no purchasing options and can only browse through the products
  • Guests: Who are users that entered their address and can shop through the website
  • Members: Who are monthly subscribers with some privileges

Since Flaviar aims to offer personalised spirit selections to its customers, the main challenge here is making personalised product recommendations based on both the location and user type.

“They are extremely responsive, fast and helpful at any time. Despite all the complexity and the roadblocks on the way to implementation, Segmentify did a great job in delivering what was promised. They took care of the whole implementation without any bigger effort from our end. Their personalisation features are performing great and they deliver what they promise.”

Flaviar Team

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