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Written by Segmentify

13 February 2023


eCommerce Cosmetics and Beauty Marketplace Recete Boosts Conversion by 10x

Always striving to offer products and services of the highest quality to its customers, Recete is a leading online dermo cosmetics and beauty store. As explained on the company website, Recete’s number one priority is customer satisfaction.


Revenue per Visitor was boosted by 10x!


Recete achieved 10% higher conversion.


A 10% increase was observed in Average Order Value.


Building customer loyalty and lowering customer retention are the biggest concerns for the online beauty and cosmetics industry at the moment. Gen Z is an especially demanding customer segment.

Moreover, the selection of cosmetics available nowadays is vast, as are the channels through which they can be purchased. As customers try new things constantly, customer retention becomes even more challenging.

This results in a lack of loyalty and low average spending, which means low customer lifetime value (LTV). The customer lifetime value is the total value of a customer to a business throughout their relationship. The first order of business, therefore, is to ensure that the customers leave Recete’s website satisfied and are inclined to repeat purchases in the future.

eCommerce beauty marketplaces typically offer a wide selection of brands, products and categories, making product discovery challenging and frustrating for customers. Considering that Recete serves many different customer segments due to its vast product collection, it is evident that one of the biggest challenges for Recete is the successful realisation of the right product-right customer matches.

This matching not only has to be accurate constantly but also needs to be improved in real-time as customer behaviour changes.

“Thanks to Segmentify’s user-friendly dashboard, we have achieved growth by creating our campaigns in a very short time, like 6 months. We’re very pleased to be working with Segmentify and its solution-oriented technical support teams because they provide the best service in their field of expertise.

The reason we chose Segmentify is its ability to fulfil our special needs in a short time and its flexibility.”

Recete Team

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