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The digital marketing landscape is undergoing a seismic shift.

Google’s phasing out of third-party cookies in Chrome by Q3 2024 means traditional methods of tracking and targeting audiences are on the decline.

But fret not!

Segmentify’s new ebook, Google’s Third-Party Cookies Phase Out Explained, is your one-stop guide to navigating this cookieless world.

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Download your free copy of the eBook now and ensure your marketing strategy is cookieless-ready!

Is outdated data slowing you down?

Traditional analytics leave you flying blind, waiting for insights that are often stale by the time you receive them.

Introducing Trendify, Segmentify’s game-changing real-time analytics solution.

Here’s what Trendify can do for you:

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Tired of products getting lost in the shuffle? 

Wish your customers could discover the perfect item faster and make confident buying decisions with ease?

It is time you discover the power of product badges—a simple yet highly effective way to grab attention, highlight key features, and influence buying decisions.

What’s Inside?

7 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Product Badging

Don’t miss out on this valuable resource! Get your free copy of the eCommerce Product Badges Best Practices playbook today and start optimising your catalogue.

Screenshot from the Segmentify Playbook showcasing two product badge variations for discounts. One badge displays the saved amount, while the other shows the final basket price. A tip recommends A/B testing these badges to see which drives higher conversions.
Image source: Segmentify

There’s an art to customer engagement, a delicate dance that transforms casual visitors into raving fans. It’s the perfect blend of personalisation, unified experience, and data-driven insights.

This isn’t just another playbook—it’s your blueprint to the future of customer experience.

The Foundations of the Art of TRUE Customer Engagement Rests Upon:

Stop settling for average engagement. Download “The Art of TRUE Customer Engagement” today and unleash the full potential of your customer base!

Page out of the Art of Customer Engagement Playbook by Segmentify.
Engagement is more than personalisation. It’s also about simplifying the decision-making process of the customers with things like social proof, product badges, and dynamic bundles. | Image source: Segmentify

Tired of static product offerings that fail to resonate with your customers?

Enter dynamic bundles, the game-changer for personalised customer engagement and increased sales.

Inside This Comprehensive Guide, You’ll Discover:

This FREE downloadable playbook will equip you with the cutting-edge strategies you need to: 

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Tired of generic, one-size-fits-all marketing?

You understand that your customers are unique, with their own needs, preferences, and buying behaviours. But how do you harness this customer intelligence to deliver personalised experiences that resonate?

The answer lies in customer segmentation.

Download our FREE Customer Segmentation Marketing Playbook and Discover:

Don’t settle for generic marketing. Download the Customer Segmentation Marketing Playbook today and start delivering personalised experiences that drive growth!