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Why Choose Segmentify? Learn About the SALESmanago Alternative

Considering switching to a SALESmanago alternative? Compare Segmentify and SALESmanago and discover how Segmentify’s additional features can help you build complete customer journeys and perfect your marketing automation strategy.

Key Features: Why Use Segmentify as a SALESmanago Alternative for Marketing Automation?

While SALESmanago provides basic marketing automation, Segmentify elevates cross-channel marketing automation by integrating the search box and search analytics into the mix—all with a user-friendly interface.

Unified Data Collection and Hyper Segmentation

Easily gather and interpret user interactions through Segmentify’s user-friendly platform. Effortlessly create precise audience segments based on various criteria, ensuring your messages perfectly match each group’s interests and needs.

AI-Based Personalised Engagement Solutions

Segmentify goes beyond basic automation by empowering you to craft highly personalised campaigns across email, websites, social media, and more. Boost user engagement and conversion rates by delivering content and offers that resonate with individual users.

Real-Time Analytics

MicroAnalytics, Segmentify’s real-time microanalytics tool, provides insights into individual product performance on your website. Access 15 robust analyses to develop effective strategies for social media, paid channels, affiliate marketing, on-site promotions, cross-channel automation, and even stock planning.

Extra Cross-Channel Algorithms for Superior Marketing Automation

Segmentify brings exclusive smart algorithms to the table: Price Drop, Back in Stock, and Replenishment. These algorithms focus on reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC), building customer loyalty, and boosting customer lifetime value (LTV).

Searchandising (Personalised Search Results)
Dynamic Product Bundles
API Integration☑️
Multi-Language Support☑️
Unified Customer Data Platform☑️
Hyper Customer Segmentation☑️
Dynamic Customer Segmentation☑️
Website Analytics☑️
Website Personalisation☑️
Website Automation☑️
A/B Testing☑️
Internal Search Box Personalisation and Recommendation☑️
Internal Search Analytics☑️
Personalised Ads Targeting☑️
Multi-Channel Marketing Automation☑️
Email Marketing Automation☑️
Push Notifications☑️
Social Proof☑️
On-Page Personalised Recommendations☑️

Why Should You Choose Segmentify as Your Customer Engagement and Marketing Automation Platform?

Consider what you need and would like in a multi-channel marketing automation platform alternative to SALESmanago. Let these factors guide your decision-making process:

Dedicated Account Management (ACM) Support

Count on the Segmentify Success Team to craft personalised Growth Plans tailored to your business needs. Enjoy ongoing optimisations and enhancements through quarterly follow-ups with updated plans.

Seamless Integration in Just 5 Days

Experience a hassle-free integration journey with Segmentify. Click the “Book Demo” button to unlock a swift integration process. No need for an IT team—just add two lines of JS code, and the Success Team sets up widgets and conducts necessary tests. Your campaigns will be up and running within days!

G2 Ratings: Segmentify vs. SALESmanago

See the side-by-side comparison of Segmentify vs. SALESmanago based on preference data from G2 user reviews. 

Meets Requirements8.98.5
Ease of Use9.28.0
Ease of Setup9.07.8
Ease of Admin8.68.3
Quality of Support9.78.8
Has the product been a good partner in doing business?9.48.8
Product Direction (% positive)8.78.5

Make the switch to Segmentify for a marketing automation solution that takes your strategies to new heights!