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Written by Segmentify

30 May 2024


Dorko’s Transition to Personalised Solutions Reduces Bounce Rate by 78%

Driven by the goal of being the best at what they do, Dorko aims for a better future for themselves, their athletes and community.

And guided by this commitment to excellence, Dorko embarked on a mission to enhance customer engagement and create a more compelling customer journey. This collaboration with Segmentify aimed to integrate personalised AI solutions, including a smart search box, into their website.

Bounce Rate

This significant decrease in bounce rate indicates a more engaged user base.

Avg Session Duration

Visitors now spend more time exploring Dorko’s website.

Conversion Rate

The personalised approach translated into a higher likelihood of success.

Challenge: Personalisation Gap

Dorko recognised the potential for improvement in customer engagement and sought to establish a more compelling customer journey. To address this, they partnered with Segmentify to integrate personalised AI solutions, including a sophisticated smart search box, into their website.

Expansion and Future Collaboration

Satisfied with the transformative outcomes, Dorko expanded their partnership with Segmentify to include two additional websites, highlighting the scalability and effectiveness of the personalised solutions provided.

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For an in-depth look at how Dorko achieved these remarkable results, download the complete success story. Discover firsthand the power of personalised AI solutions in elevating customer engagement and driving business growth!

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