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Why Choose Segmentify? Learn About the Synerise Alternative

Considering switching to a Synerise alternative? Compare Segmentify and Synerise to discover how Segmentify helps collect, analyse, and interpret behavioural data while giving you the engagement tools to build personalised marketing funnels.

Key Features: Why Use Segmentify as a Synerise Alternative for Marketing Automation?

Segmentify emerges as a robust alternative to Synerise, offering enhanced features for a more effective marketing automation experience.

Advanced Search Analytics

While Synerise offers basic on-site search capabilities and limited analytics, Segmentify takes it a step further by providing businesses with deep insights into user behaviour and search patterns. This advanced analytics feature allows for a more detailed understanding of customer preferences, giving you a competitive edge in tailoring your strategies.

Searchandising Capabilities

Segmentify’s searchandising capabilities set it apart from any alternatives. This search results personalisation feature enables you to dynamically adjust product or content placements and recommendations in real time based on user interactions. By presenting users with products that align with their preferences and interests, Segmentify significantly improves the chances of conversion.

Integrated Data Points

Segmentify seamlessly integrates its internal search box, searchandising capabilities, and search analytics with recommendation widgets, push notifications, and email campaigns. This integration provides marketers like you with a comprehensive view of the customer journey, ensuring a cohesive and effective marketing strategy.

Searchandising (Personalised Search Results)
Personalised Ads Targeting
Dynamic Product Bundles
Social Proof
API Integration☑️
Multi-Language Support☑️
Unified Customer Data Platform☑️
Real-Time Analytics☑️
Customer Data Profiling☑️
AI-Based Behavioural Segmentation☑️
Predictive Analytics☑️
Personalised Product and Content Recommendations☑️
Visual Recommendations☑️
Internal Search Box Personalisation☑️
Search Analytics☑️
Cross-Channel Marketing Automation☑️
Email Marketing☑️
Push Notifications☑️
A/B Testing☑️

Why Should You Choose Segmentify?

Consider what you need and would like in a cross-channel marketing automation platform alternative to Synerise. Let these factors guide your decision-making process:

Easy Access Data

Segmentify ensures effortless data access, designed for user-friendly retrieval and utilisation. The platform’s simplicity streamlines the process, providing quick and straightforward access to information. Seamless integration with various systems makes it ideal for businesses managing data across multiple platforms.

Data Security Prioritisation

Priority is given to data security, assuring authorised users of confidential and intact information—an ideal choice for those valuing simplicity and security in data management.

Dedicated Account Management (ACM) Support

You can rely on the Segmentify Success Team to craft personalised Growth Plans tailored to your business needs. Enjoy continuous optimisations and enhancements through quarterly follow-ups, keeping your plans updated and aligned with your evolving requirements.

Seamless Integration in Just 5 Days

Experience a hassle-free integration journey with Segmentify. Click the “Book Demo” button to unlock a swift integration process. No need for an IT team—just add two lines of code. The Success Team handles widget setup and necessary tests, ensuring your campaigns are up and running within days!

G2 Ratings: Segmentify vs. Synerise

See the side-by-side comparison of Segmentify vs. Synerise based on preference data from G2 user reviews. 

Meets Requirements8.99.2
Ease of Use9.27.4
Ease of Setup9.08.3
Ease of Admin8.68.6
Quality of Support9.79.5
Has the product been a good partner in doing business?9.49.3
Product Direction (% positive)8.78.3