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Pharma & Beauty

Increase customer loyalty

Improve customer acquisition, retention and lifetime value by personalising all customer touchpoints.


Customers who get personalised recommendations are 75% more likely to make a purchase.


of beauty customers would prefer to buy from a business providing personalised quizzes or experiences.


of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand with customer reviews on the website.

What You Can Achieve

Retention is Challenging

The choice of pharma & beauty products nowadays is vast, as is the variety of channels to purchase them. 67% purchase cosmetics from at least 4 websites, and customer loyalty in the beauty industry is only 42%.

Streamline the customer journey by showing each customer personalised recommendations based on browsing, search and purchase histories, favourites, and so on.

Segmentation is Vital

The pharma, cosmetics and beauty industry typically has an extensive product portfolio. As a result, they cater to many different customer segments like mothers, college students, Gen Z, the elderly, makeup artists, glam lovers, coffee drinkers or travellers.

All these segments are unique. Prepare fun little quizzes to get to know your customers better and build a deeper audience segmentation database, thus increasing customer engagement.

Cross-Channel Marketing Automation

Typically, it takes 8 interactions for a prospect to become a customer. But did you know that brands with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain 89% of their customers?

Create a cross-channel marketing strategy based on where your customers are most likely to engage with your content. Take advantage of marketing automation to save time and reach customers at every stage of their journey at any given moment.

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Insert a 2-line code into your website.


Segmentify Success Teams set up the widgets.


You are ready to start your free trial.

What Can I Expect?

Besides having the most effective AI-based personalisation and customer engagement platform at your disposal, you get a custom Growth Consultancy.


In-depth Opportunity Analysis with quick wins & long-term growth strategies.


Best of Segmentify Solutions to boost all the opportunities identified during OPAN.


Best business practices from global eCommerce leaders via Excellence Center.


Quarterly Growth Plan built with the Excellence Center’s know-how.

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Segmentify's G2 Winter 2023 badges: Best Support for eCommerce Search; eCommerce Personalisation High Performer in Europe; Leader for eCommerce Personalisation, eCommerce Search and eCommerce Analytics; Momentum Leader for eCommerce Analytics and eCommerce Search; Best Estimated ROI for eCommerce Search; Fastest Implementation for eCommerce Search.

To be honest, I didn’t expect the performance to be so impressive. Didn’t believe it at first, but those numbers kept coming 🙂 Now, we are working hard with the Segmentify team to improve it even more!

Martin Mates

Econea, Co-founder and CEO
Martin Mates, Co-founder and CEO of Econea, is looking and smiling at the camera. His arms are crossed. He's wearing a pair of simple black framed glasses and a white button-up shirt with arms rolled up. He has a goatee.

We had a goal of customising our products for each customer based on their current and past purchase history and received the full support of the Segmentify team, both in terms of implementation and during the A/B test. In the end, we've achieved an incremental 162% higher revenue.

Domino's Pizza Turkey Team


Segmentify is the best tool that we could have to help us to improve our revenues with the features that they provide us. We evaluated several similar tools, and this was the best decision we made. We expect to grow much more with this relationship and the new solutions they are always releasing.

Alda Molina

PUMA LATAM Regional Head of eCommerce

The ability to automate our entire product recommendation process has greatly reduced manual and time-consuming merchandising. The pesonalised nature of these recommendations have improved various KPI’s and overall we have seen terrific results working with the Segmentify team.

Abbas Bari

They Chose Segmentify