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3 Brilliant Marketing Tips from the British Royal Family

The British Royal Family is one of the most significant marketing figures in the United Kingdom. Whilst the UK has been a democracy for a long time, the Royal Family remains a symbolic institution and continues to exist. Whilst there are many royal families around the world, the British Royal Family is the most popular one, and this is because of some excellent marketing strategies.

Every product, service, people, and country requires proper marketing to increase awareness. The Royal Family is one of the United Kingdom’s most prominent marketing techniques. Though they are symbolic, they have a historical part in ruling the country and their family traditions.

Through proper marketing, people worldwide have been interested in the Royal Family’s weddings, children and simply their way of living life. By adding a secret and mysterious side to their everyday lives, the Royal Family is one of the most searched words on Google.

In addition to their everyday lives, their historical palaces, which include Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, are significant points of interest for the general public. These places are visited by millions of tourists every year and still continue to be very popular among people.

Here a great question pops up in people’s minds; there are many royal families in Europe; however, the British Royal Family is the most popular and intriguing one compared to the rest. How is the British royal family so popular? Well, the answer is marketing. They have implemented great marketing strategies that still work with different generations.

We have gathered the 3 most popular marketing strategies the Royal Family uses to keep increasing their popularity levels, which eCommerce companies can implement in their marketing strategies to boost brand awareness and customer loyalty.

1. Partner with relevant brands and people

The British Royal Family is great at partnering with popular brands to increase awareness. To increase their popularity, it makes excellent sense to work with famous brands and brands that appeal to different age groups.

A great example is the British Royal Family’s sculptures at Madame Tussauds London. They have a special place in the museum, attracting the visitors’ attention significantly. The sculptures are also marketing tools for the country since they allow visitors to see the Royal Family as wax sculptures. 

Surely you have heard about “The Crown”, a popular Netflix show about the Royal Family. With the Netflix partnership, the Royal Family has been exposed to a whole different segment of people, especially Gen Z. With different partnerships, they have been able to add to their popularity with younger generations.

Another successful partnership that Queen Elizabeth II has done was the Paddington Bear collaboration. For the Platinum Jubilee week, Queen Elizabeth II surprised her young fans with a commercial with the beloved Paddington Bear.

The Royal Weddings are a huge marketing tool for both the Royal Family and the United Kingdom. They invite high society celebrities to these events to make sure people watch the ceremonies at home. With these celebrities, the Royal Family’s events are even more exciting and more searched and watched by the public.

2. Have some mystery elements

The British Royal Family has many traditions that still continue to exist today. A huge tradition is that they do not use social media and don’t give out interviews to every news channel. This leads to the public having less knowledge about their everyday lives, mostly seeing them put together only for the most important events. 

Members of the Royal Family frequently represent The Queen and the country in Commonwealth or other nations. They also attend occasions like state funerals, national celebrations, or via lengthier trips to improve Britain’s diplomatic and economic connections. The British Royal Family engages in over 2000 events throughout the year, both in and outside the United Kingdom.

These events include royal family events such as royal weddings, funerals, births etc. They also participate in sports events such as Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, UEFA European Championships, and Formula 1 Car Racing. The Royal Family often visits the United Kingdom’s universities such as the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University College London and the University of Edinburgh to be up to date with the academic research done, especially regarding education.

Since the Royal Family attends formal events, they are always seen in formal attire. The public looks forward to seeing them in the formal events, creating a mystery about their everyday lives as well.

Another way of building mystery is that they do not give out interviews regularly and do not appear on many news and television channels. As a tradition, when needed, they give interviews to BBC, which does not occur that often throughout the year.

Additionally, Royal Family members are not allowed to have personal social media accounts. They have an official royal account, where their social media teams post news about official events they are attending. 

However, the Royals do not post anything informal regarding their personal lives since their traditions strictly forbid this. Whilst many celebrities use social media regularly and publish personal information, this is not seen in the British Royal Family.

Social media has made the public more aware of the celebrities’ regular lives, and it has created its own celebrities as well. Since the British Royal Family does not participate in this, making them seem mysterious and creating a curious element for the public.

3. Use your popularity for a good cause

The difference between the British Royal Family and the other European royal families is that whilst the Europeans have regular jobs, the British Royal Family does not have regular jobs, but they do social philanthropy work.

The British Royal Family uses their popularity to draw attention to important events around the world. The family visits universities regularly; additionally, they go to less developed countries to take care of their problems. 

The Royal family earns some of their income from the United Kingdom state taxes, but they also bring money to the country through their marketing positions. The Royals decide to spend most of their time helping social issues, which leads to a positive perception from the public.

It does not matter whether it is the British Royal Family or a small eCommerce company; it is necessary to participate in social issues to create a social value impact. Whilst this will grow your community, it will also create a better environment and improve society.

Wrapping Up

As can be seen, marketing can be done in different ways and is needed for various products, people or even countries. The British Royal Family is an excellent example of a marketing strategy for a country.

The Royal Family’s most effective marketing strategies include partnering with famous brands and people to increase their awareness among many generations and nations. They have some mystery elements to themselves with their royal traditions, especially regarding social media and news channels. They are not seen in informal outfits or doing everyday activities; and are mostly seen in high society activities. Finally, they use their popularity for good causes for people in the United Kingdom and other countries.

There are many symbolic royal families worldwide, but the British Royal Family is the most popular and the family that people are the most curious about. The Royals are good at many things, such as playing the piano and riding horses, but we can confidently say they are best at marketing.

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