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Category: Luxury

Custom Couture: High-End Lessons in Marketing Personalisation from Luxury Brands

Welcome to Marketing Personalisation 201: Lessons from Luxury Brands! But why are we looking to luxury for lessons in marketing personalisation? Because for these high-end brands, personalisation isn’t an afterthought; it’s the very foundation of their existence. And lucky for us, their secrets aren’t locked away in gilded vaults. In this crash course, we’ll explore ...

25 Mar 2024
The State of Fashion Industry 2023

As we reach the midway point of 2023, what’s better than now to explore the current state of the fashion industry, perpetually shaped by evolving trends, changing consumer behaviour, and technological progress? This article delves into insightful publications from credible sources, exploring the intersection of fashion trends, music, social media, and technology, and examines their ...

05 Jul 2023
How to Create a Brand like Rihanna: Fenty Beauty’s Growth Strategy

Rihanna has always stunned us with her songs, iconic hairstyles, and fashion sense. Now added to the list are her brands, Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty.  The launch of Fenty Beauty created a huge splash, and it has gained a unique place in the beauty world since then. It filled an enormous gap in ...

08 Feb 2023
How Segmentify solved Sephora’s Complex Searchandising Needs!

In the newest episode of the eCommerce Growth Show, our host takes on how Sephora was battling to solve its searchandising needs and utilised Segmentify’s unique solutions. In addition, this show covers how Segmentify employs a significant position in helping clients address common eCommerce platform issues and gain the most out of their platform, delivering ...

15 Oct 2020