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Category: Personalised Search

Discover the Hidden Opportunities in Your Internal Search Engine!

A customer who searches for something on your website already intends to buy something. But don’t let that mislead you, and don’t stop doing better. There are still ways to create a better experience for your customers and lead them to the right products, all the while increasing your average order value and conversion rate.  ...

14 Jun 2024
Say Hello to Powerful Search with Searchandising 2.0!

Customers increasingly rely on internal search to navigate your website. But what happens when search results are irrelevant, slow to load, or fail to personalise the experience? Frustration sets in, leading to abandoned searches and lost sales.  Introducing Searchandising 2.0, the next generation of internal search solution from Segmentify! We’ve completely revamped the search experience, ...

25 Apr 2024
Search Box Personalisation with the Before Search Feature

Among the various tools that enhance customer interaction, the search box stands out as a critical element. Unlocking the potential of the search box as a dynamic space with personalised content has the transformative power to revolutionise and reshape the entire customer journey. This approach doesn’t just raise the bar; it sets an entirely new ...

17 Jan 2024
30+ On-Site Search & Discovery Statistics

The on-site search function, crucial to guiding customers towards products and achieving conversion, is often overlooked. The following list, however, begs to differ. You will find that it highlights the role search plays in a customer’s journey and how consumers feel about poor search experiences. Let’s begin. On-Site Search: Where Everything Begins Customers Demand Personalisation, ...

12 Dec 2023
Travel Booking On-Site Search Tips & Best Practices

Let’s say you want to get out of the city for the weekend or go for an adventure in a faraway place for a couple of days. What is the first thing you do? Search for accommodations in your desired location, right? After all, you need to know where you’re staying to assess your budget. ...

16 Mar 2023
The Power of Personalised Search for Consumer Electronics Retailers

When was the last time you searched for something online? Or, let me rephrase that; when was the last time you did not search online for something you were looking for? Whether you’re seeking the meaning of life or just trying to find the best deal for the brand-new headphones you’re dying to buy, the ...

30 Jan 2023
The Importance of User Experience in Search

Would you want your visitors to find exactly what they are looking for on your website as easily and quickly as possible? There comes the importance of user experience (UX). By providing the best search experience, you will have satisfied customers, they will find whatever they are looking for in a short time, and the ...

16 Jan 2023
How to Improve Search Relevance in 9 Steps

Getting irrelevant and meaningless results for your search query is frustrating. Needless to say, a lot of prospects are lost this way. There are ways to improve search relevance, though. Are you taking notes? What is Search Relevance? Search relevance is the degree of the accuracy of the relationship between the search query and the ...

03 Jan 2023
How to Improve Your Personalised Search & Customer Experiences

Imagine you are in a store, a huuuge one, and you are trying to find what you are looking for. You begin your search and slowly get past many things that don’t catch your eye. There are too many options, and you get slightly overwhelmed. You think you are wasting your time and don’t think ...

26 Dec 2022
Gen Z Search Behaviour: How to Understand and Optimise?

Like any generation, Gen Z has several traits that set them apart in terms of how they behave while making purchases and doing a search. Being the digital native generation influences their search behaviour significantly. But how can marketers use this to shape their brand for this generation? Who’s Gen Z? Gen Z is the ...

12 Dec 2022
How Will Customers Search in the Future?

Previously we have explored why we search for everything on the Internet and the evolution of the Search and consumer journey. Now, we will be exploring the future of Search. With the Google Search On 22 event, Google has announced many Search features that will shape consumers’ search behaviour. Future Developments on Search Multisearch Near ...

05 Dec 2022
The Evolution of Search & the Customer Journey

The Search function has evolved dramatically since the 10 blue links. Google has distinguished itself from the competition and became the market leader, and its algorithm has influenced Search and SEO significantly. Previously, we explored “Why do we search everything on the internet?” and now we will get on with the evolution of Search and ...

30 Nov 2022