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Category: Analytics

How to Optimise Customer Acquisition Cost in 9 Steps

You might be struggling with acquiring new customers. Or, you might be satisfied with the outcomes of your customer acquisition efforts, but still wonder why your customer lifetime value doesn’t make up for your high CAC. In this case, you might need to reconsider your strategies to improve CAC. Here are some effective strategies to ...

21 Mar 2023
What Does “Bad Data” Mean for eCommerce Personalisation?

You think you know everything about your customers when you gather all the data that you can. But what if you don’t actually know them that well, and the data you collected is “Bad Data”?  Let’s discover what “Bad Data” means for eCommerce and how to avoid it: The Problem with Personalisation Bad data is ...

31 Jan 2023
What is Customer Acquisition Cost & How to Calculate It

Seeing that you are acquiring a good amount of customers is great. But is it really that great if you spend more than you gain? If you do, that would mean you are acquiring customers at your business’s cost. Understanding your customer acquisition cost (CAC) and seeing how much a customer will cost you is ...

17 Jan 2023
11 Essential Email Marketing KPIs You Need to Track

If you have a business, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, the first marketing step you take is email marketing. And this is great because email marketing is proven to be highly effective.  However, there are many KPIs that you should consider to optimise your email marketing campaigns, which we’ll be discussing at ...

04 Jan 2023
Conversion Rate Optimisation in 8 Easy Steps

Even though it is one of the most important metrics to follow in digital marketing, there seems to be some need for clarification about what Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is and how to improve conversion. Let’s learn! Key Takeaways What is Conversion Rate Optimisation? Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a key marketing strategy for growing ...

15 Dec 2022
Social Media and SEO Optimisation with Trendify Insights

It’s a known fact that the SEO-friendliness of a website is important for ranking up higher in search results. Additionally, generating traffic through social media channels is equally important for eCommerce. The first step in optimising your website for these channels is discovering which products generate the most traffic. Trendify Insights will be your right ...

14 Mar 2022
How to Increase Conversion Rates with Trendify Insights

Analysing how your product catalogue is doing is essential in eCommerce. But how do you do it when you have hundreds or thousands of products? Do you look at everything one by one? Can you imagine how long this would take? Not to mention that so many things happen simultaneously on an online store; things ...

11 Mar 2022
The Best eCommerce Analytics Solution: Real-Time Conversion Analytics

Budget optimisation in eCommerce is essential but also very time-consuming. For a long time, the traditional way has been to create a campaign, launch it, and then receive final results after the campaign ends – only to create a second campaign that will surely follow a similar path. However, in today’s fast-paced world of eCommerce, ...

23 Feb 2022
Why eCommerce Platforms Need Real Time Conversion Analytics

The eCommerce space is full of data flowing fast and customers waiting for personalisation. Are you curious about how you should manage this data and provide solutions to your customers? Let’s dive into the real-time conversion analytics effects on your business. What is Real Time Conversion Analytics? eCommerce analytics is the data that enables you ...

07 Sep 2021
Recommendation Systems: Personalised Recommendation is Changing the Game

“Recommendation Systems” have become increasingly popular in recent years. The concept has been repeatedly utilised in various industries, specifically dominating eCommerce platforms. The majority of eCommerce sites such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba make use of recommendation systems to give customers personalised service with the products they are more than likely to love. Given data collected ...

02 Jul 2021
How Segmentify Contributed to a 300% Increase in Revenue of Celtic’s new In-house eCommerce Operation!

Segmentify was beyond excited to host the eCommerce Manager of Celtic FC, John Bruce in the third vlog of the eCommerce Growth Show series three. John opened up about the critical factors involved in bringing their eCommerce operation back in-house and the key part that Segmentify played in contributing to a 300% increase in revenues! ...

10 May 2021
If You Are Not A/B Testing, You Are Missing Out on Everything

If this title strikes you as a bold statement, let’s start the discussion with an example: You own a confectionery store, but so far you’ve only been selling rock candy. You want to introduce chocolates to your collection and you have a personal fondness for dark chocolates so you create a variety of dark delights ...

27 Aug 2019