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Category: Customer Management

Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Segmentation

Ever since Ray Tomlinson sent the first email in 1971, email marketing has been a thing. Decades have passed; email marketing has evolved. People receive many emails daily, and most are not even directly relevant to them. With the right email marketing segmentation strategy, you’ll send the most relevant email to the most relevant audience, uplifting ...

02 Mar 2023
How to Improve Paid Marketing Efficiency by Understanding Market Segmentation

You must first understand your target users to create a successful paid marketing strategy. Target users can directly affect content creation, design, digital ads, and offline communication plans. Thus, with effective segmentation, your paid marketing strategy can be enhanced entirely, which leads your sales directly. Key Takeaways What is Market Segmentation? Market segmentation is the ...

18 Jan 2023
Product Zoom In: Dynamic Segmentation and Persona Quiz

Wouldn’t it be great to segment your audience into smaller audiences based on shared attributes, behaviours and demographics and offer them more relevant and on-the-point recommendations? Let’s get on with the Dynamic Segmentation and Persona Quiz and learn how to get to know your customers better and personalise their experiences. Key Takeaways What is Dynamic ...

29 Sep 2022
Cookieless Future: A New Age for Digital Marketing

The digital space is changing; brands and advertisers are entering a new era where they must learn how to function in a cookieless world. Conversations around data privacy have been ongoing for decades, and we’re about to see some major changes at a scale never seen before. What are these changes? What does “cookieless tracking” ...

22 Sep 2022
6 Ways AI Can Benefit eCommerce Businesses

Once only a crazy plot device in science-fiction, Artificial Intelligence technology is an inseparable part of daily operations for any business today. AI represents the algorithms observing and learning from human behaviour to discover behavioural patterns for the online retail industry. Today, AI is used in the online retail industry to increase conversion by optimising ...

18 Jan 2022
4 Pillars of eCommerce: Segmentation, Personalisation, Customisation and Targeting

Even if you’re selling something as essential as water, you have to know where your customers are, lest they might have difficulty finding you. Or you have to know how much they’re willing to pay, or someone else is going to undercut you. The point is that companies have to think about their customers, or ...

23 Nov 2021
Behavioural Targeting to Optimise Behavioural Segmentation

In 2021, a successful marketer should be aware of what their customers actually “do”, along with what makes up their customer base by Behavioural Targeting. A Must-Be Marketing Strategy Over the decades, traditional customer segmentation strategies have evolved – and improved – by unlocking new levels of segmentation aspects one after another in addition to ...

19 Nov 2021
5 Segmentation Strategies You Should Familiarise Yourself With

No matter how these years and technology change marketing practices, you will always need properly segmented customers as a professional. Since day one, targeting the right audience after a successful customer segmentation has been a crucial cornerstone of any marketing strategy. Segmentation shortly helps marketers reach specific groups of people with similar interests, needs, and ...

14 Sep 2021
Top Customer Segmentation Examples Every Marketer Needs to Know

What comes to mind when one thinks of Customer Segmentation? Right off the bat, one may think of Market Segmentation. But if so, what’s the difference between the two? Why does segmentation matter? And what are some of the examples of Customer Segmentation that every marketer needs to know? What Is Customer Segmentation? Let’s dive ...

10 Aug 2021
Why Segmentation is Important in eCommerce Marketing?

In a 2016 survey by Receiptful, only 23% of eCommerce businesses owners stated that they used customer segmentation. Whilst in 2021, this number grew, still many businesses do not give the necessary attention to customer segmentation. Customer segmentation has become a must in eCommerce marketing and here is why it is so vital. Customers, product ...

05 Aug 2021
How Segmentify Helped Inish Pharmacy Convert 75% of Baskets for their Eco Friendly Customers!

In the first of the new vlogs we’ve introduced for the third series of the eCommerce Growth Show, our customer, Paul O’Hea, Pharmacist and Co-Owner of Inish Pharmacy, talks to Phill about his insights on finding ways to ever improve the way in which different customer groups are served using our platform. Watch or listen ...

15 Oct 2020