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Category: Seasonal Marketing

30+ Charming Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important dates in the business world. And whether in a couple or not, millions of people make purchases for the special day. Last year, in 2022, people spent $23,9 billion for Valentine’s Day. And all this amount didn’t only go to florists and fashion retailers. From pet stores ...

01 Feb 2023
11 Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips to Boost Conversion

Valentine’s Day is a special day celebrated in many countries on February 14 of every year. In 2023, Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on a Tuesday. Almost everyone gives gifts to their significant others that integrate with the spirit of this day and express their love. Flowers and chocolate are the forerunners of these gifts. ...

25 Jan 2023
4 Holiday Shoppers You’ll Meet This Christmas Season & How to Deal with Them

Ho, ho, ho! The most wonderful time of the year, also known as the Mariah Carey season, is almost here! Prepare for the holiday shopping by getting to know who you’ll meet along the way. Meet the 4 Different Types of Holiday Shoppers Understanding different customer types is vital to building successful holiday shopping strategies ...

24 Nov 2022
The Evolution of Black Friday, Industrial Analysis and 2022 Predictions

Black Friday month is the biggest sales event in the year for both shops and shoppers. Black Friday is a big shopping day since stores offer attractive promotions and high discounts. Although it originated in the US, it is now popular worldwide. Important Dates for the Black Friday Month  Shopping Season Calendar November 2022 Monday ...

11 Oct 2022
9 Great Back-to-School Marketing Campaigns for eCommerce

Summer is coming to an end and a new season starts. Schools are opening, the weather is getting chillier and we’re going back to school shopping. eCommerce stores can participate in the back to school season and promote their products with back to school campaigns. There is a huge market growth in the sales of ...

26 Aug 2022
All Aspects of 8 eCommerce Summer Marketing Ideas

Typically, summer is the slowest season for eCommerce, with July being the lowest point in terms of sales generation. However, it’s up to you to turn things around. It doesn’t have to be a cruel summer for eCommerce. Learn how to heat up your summer sales and boost conversion with this sizzling hot eCommerce Summer ...

29 Jun 2022
Best Practices for Father’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Father’s Day is one of the many special days and significant events throughout the year to include in your eCommerce calendar. It can be an excellent opportunity for eCommerce business owners to skyrocket their conversion rates thanks to special days when people buy each other gifts or even treat themselves. Every year, Father’s Day is ...

09 Jun 2022
6 Fantastic Mother’s Day eCommerce Marketing Tips

Mother’s Day is an international holiday to celebrate motherhood, the mother’s influence, and honour the mother. This day is celebrated worldwide on different dates under different traditions. Giving gifts on Mother’s Day has been a tradition in modern society, and it has been a symbol for people to show their appreciation for their mothers and ...

25 Apr 2022
6 Great Ramadan Marketing Tips

Ramadan in 2022 will be from April 2nd to May 1st, and the Ramadan Eid will be celebrated from May 2nd to May 4th. Ramadan is one of the three holy months and is symbolised as the month of all Muslims and is considered the Sultan of the other 11 months. In addition, Ramadan is ...

12 Apr 2022
5 Winning Marketing Strategies for the eCommerce Oscars

The Academy Awards have been televised since the early 1950s, and since then, the ceremony has continued to give us some of the most memorable moments in popular culture. And with all the glamour and the drama, there’s so much to learn from the Oscars and Oscar campaigns for a marketer. So let’s take a ...

06 Apr 2022
7 Eggcellent Easter Marketing Campaign Ideas

In 2023, Easter will be on 9 April Sunday. Easter is a Christian cultural holiday celebrated around the world in many countries. On Easter, there are a couple of traditional customs: Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny as the top ones. Easter eggs are a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus for Christians. Traditionally, hard-boiled chicken ...

30 Mar 2022
Lucky 7: eCommerce Marketing Tips for St. Patrick’s Day

Although it started as a religious holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is now mostly known as a celebration of Irish culture around the world. And like many other holidays, it’s turned into a shopping event and is an ample opportunity to increase sales for eCommerce businesses. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17th. ...

22 Feb 2022