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Category: Seasonal Marketing

5 Winning Marketing Strategies for the eCommerce Oscars

The Academy Awards have been televised since the early 1950s, and since then, the ceremony has continued to give us some of the most memorable moments in popular culture. And with all the glamour and the drama, there’s so much to learn from the Oscars and Oscar campaigns for a marketer. So let’s take a ...

06 Apr 2022
7 Eggcellent Easter Marketing Campaign Ideas

In 2023, Easter will be on 9 April Sunday. Easter is a Christian cultural holiday celebrated around the world in many countries. On Easter, there are a couple of traditional customs: Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny as the top ones. Easter eggs are a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus for Christians. Traditionally, hard-boiled chicken ...

30 Mar 2022
Lucky 7: eCommerce Marketing Tips for St. Patrick’s Day

Although it started as a religious holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is now mostly known as a celebration of Irish culture around the world. And like many other holidays, it’s turned into a shopping event and is an ample opportunity to increase sales for eCommerce businesses. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17th. ...

22 Feb 2022
Top 6 International Women’s Day Marketing Tips for eCommerce

On March 8th every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated to acknowledge and honour women for their accomplishments. We cannot deny the fact that “Where there is a woman, there is magic.” eCommerce should participate in this important day and promote related products and partners with a cause.   We have gathered the 6 most important ...

16 Feb 2022
A Brief History of Christmas Presents

Christmas is truly a wonderful time: Decorations, trees with ornaments, and Christmas music everywhere. Who doesn’t like the smell of hot cocoa and mulled wine at the Christmas markets? Kids and adults, everyone loves Christmas. And you know who else loves Christmas? eCommerce people. It’s the last big shopping event of the year for the ...

30 Nov 2021
BFCM 2021 Tips from eCommerce Experts

One of the most exciting periods for eCommerce is finally here: Black Friday Cyber Monday. The eCommerce community is buzzing with excitement. Since things have taken an unexpected turn last year, everyone is naturally curious to see how Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 will fare. Therefore, we’ve asked some of the greatest minds in the ...

28 Oct 2021
20 eCommerce Tips to Prepare for Black Friday – Cyber Monday

It’s been an absolute honour to support our community over the last few months with the eCommerce Growth Show and we wanted to personally thank all the great thought leaders that have been involved so far that have carved out time from their busy schedules to contribute to the show! Now we are firmly into ...

10 Nov 2020
4 Tips to Boost E-commerce Conversion Rates this Holiday Season

Now that we’ve seen the rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday come and go, is your e-commerce store ready to make the most out of the traffic for the holiday season? Shopify states that a 35% clickthrough rate for emails sent through a loyalty program generated up to 3% of a retailer’s annual revenue. ...

17 Dec 2019
Ecommerce Advent Calendar – 24 Small Improvements for a Prosperous 2020

Advent calendars are everywhere, mostly filled with mini sizes of random products you don’t really need, but who doesn’t like to get a new gift every day? Why not treat your ecommerce store (and eventually your customers) the same way? Or maybe even a little better. In this piece, we’ll look at 24 tips and ...

10 Dec 2019
4 eCommerce Summer Must-Haves

In more recent years, personalised messaging has become one of the most compelling methods e-commerce sites use to promote their brands and drive revenue. Sharing the right message with a specific customer at the most optimal time (and on the most ideal platform) can help to significantly increase engagement and transactions. Major brands like Nike ...

25 Jun 2019
5 Ways to Turn One-Time Valentine’s Day Shoppers into Loyal Customers

As with many other holidays, Valentine’s Day brings in a lot of first-time shoppers for many online retailers. But what you should be focusing on should be ways to turn them into loyal customers. During these peak seasons, you probably have your online marketing game kicked into high gear, right? These new shoppers probably caught ...

13 Feb 2019