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7 Eggcellent Easter Marketing Campaign Ideas

In 2023, Easter will be on 9 April Sunday. Easter is a Christian cultural holiday celebrated around the world in many countries. On Easter, there are a couple of traditional customs: Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny as the top ones. Easter eggs are a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus for Christians. Traditionally, hard-boiled chicken eggs were coloured and painted by hand. However, most Easter eggs are currently composed of chocolate and encased in coloured foil. And children worldwide still enjoy traditional Easter egg hunts. Easter bunnies, on the other hand, are also symbols of Easter. This is because the Bunnies lay Easter eggs, meaning they lay new life. 

We have gathered 7 marketing tips for eCommerce websites for an eggcellent Easter! eCommerce companies should participate on significant days like Easter since this will increase sales and website traffic. A short reminder is that you can start your Easter preparations 4 weeks before Easter. Also, create your website design, email and push notifications 2 weeks prior. 

1. Prepare your website for Easter 

“Happy Easter” website banner with an illustration of a bunny and Easter eggs

First things first, you can spice up your website with an Easter design on your website. You can use eggs, bunnies, chocolate, Easter baskets, Easter cake, lilies, nests, etc. Here are other website ideas:

  • Add Easter to the menu of your website for your users to easily access your Easter products.
  • Include banners on your homepage to remind visitors about the upcoming holiday.
  • Change your text fonts into Easter symbols and designs.
  • Incorporate Easter colours into your website and texts. Since Easter is a spring holiday, the colours are primarily pastels colours, pink, yellow, baby blue, green, orange, purple.

🐇 Segmentify’s solutions include adding banners to your website. You can check your click and retention rates and analyse your banners. You can also customise your banners depending on your visitors.

🐇 Additionally, Segmentify virtually entirely customises the search bar. Customers are directed to a homepage page regarding Easter Day via banners. Websites can also customise their Easter Day categories to emphasise certain products.

2. Set up email reminders and push notifications

Segmentify bulk push notification to remind customers that Easter is approaching

Easter is approaching faster than the White Rabbit can get to the tea party on time, and it is of utmost importance to remind your customers about the upcoming holiday. There are many ways to remind your customers about your Easter campaigns.

eCommerce websites can get the most retention and traffic from their email reminders and push notifications. This way, your customers will be aware of your campaign. You may also include personalised discount coupons in your email and push notifications.

🐇 Segmentify offers personalised email reminders and push notifications to your customers. These emails will be fully tailored to your customers and remind them about the upcoming holiday. You may also analyse how well the notifications are doing via our Segmentify panel.

3. Spread the word with the help of social media 

Illustration of an Instagram post for a special Easter discount code

Start your social media posts at least 2 weeks before Easter. Make your audience aware of your Easter products, discounts and promotions. For example, you can create posts with a countdown to Easter day, give out discount codes, and post your Easter products.

Do not forget to add bright colours and exciting captions to your posts. And finally, direct your social media visitors to your eCommerce website.

Social media is a strong tool to create brand awareness. Depending on your brand, you can be present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Youtube. Most social media sites include hashtags; therefore, we strongly recommend using hashtags under your posts.

Both visual and written content should be prepared in advance and ready to post before and on Easter day.

4. Collaborate with influencers to reach a wider audience

Illustration of a Youtube video thumbnail for an influencer and brand collaboration for Easter

eCommerce websites should also participate in influencer marketing, the top marketing technique of this decade. What better way to market your Easter products than to reach out to influencers to remind their audiences?

Most businesses will start their Easter campaigns with influencers 2 weeks before Easter. eCommerce stores can use influencer marketing in different ways. Firstly, you can send your products to many influencers whose audience alliance with your customer base and wait for some to promote your products on their social media accounts. Another way is to have an Easter collaboration with specific influencers. This collaboration can include a giveaway, a special discount code, and the influencer can share a video, short video, post or story that includes your Easter products. 

Finally, you can include your influencer collaborations in your own social media posts to increase awareness of your campaign.

5. Boost sales with personalised product recommendations

Illustration of an eCommerce website landing page with product recommendations for Easter campaigns

The landing page of an eCommerce website is the display portion of a physical store, which is critical for eCommerce. This page will either entice the visitor to enter your store and look around or entice the visitor to leave. As a result, a website’s landing page must be current, engaging, and appealing. 

With the beginning of April, eCommerce websites can start their Easter marketing campaigns. At this time, websites can include tailored widgets and product recommendations on their landing pages, reminding users of the Easter product alternatives.

eCommerce websites can add personalised product recommendations to their search page and specific Easter pages from the menu. By personalising the visitors’ needs and previous searches, visitors will easily access your Easter products.

🐇 Easter Day widgets are pinned to your homepage and search pages by Segmentify. If you use these widgets, your consumers will be reminded of Easter deals. On the widget, the best-selling products are displayed and the products that the user has previously browsed.  

6. Create a digital Easter Egg Hunt

Illustration of an Easter Egg Hunt in a PacMan-style game on an eCommerce website

Adding game mechanisms to your eCommerce website will increase website traffic, brand awareness, and stay on your website. For example, you can add a small section to your website where visitors can play a short game of digital Easter egg hunting. This game format can be however you want.

With the Easter egg hunting game, you can set a goal, and visitors that accomplish this goal can get discount coupons for your Easter products. In this way, you can increase your Easter sales since the digital Easter egg hunt will excite customers and give them a reason to shop in your store. 

You may also add a leaderboard, asking visitors to connect their social media accounts. The game will spread to your visitors’ audience and increase participation.

Gamification is relatively new in eCommerce and is not used by many stores. Therefore, adding this small section to your website will make your website appeal to many customers, especially the younger segment.

7. Offer personalised discount coupons

Illustration of a discount coupon for Easter promotions

Personalised discount coupons are a great way to encourage your customers to participate in your Easter campaign. These coupons will be purely personalised; therefore, every customer will receive a different discount. For this to work well, you have to use intelligent algorithms that analyse your customers and the amount they are willing to spend.

Another point to consider is that Easter is on a specific day; therefore, all discount coupons should be time-sensitive and expire after Easter. Offering limited-time coupons is an effective marketing strategy for attracting new clients to your eCommerce store. In addition, by offering personalised coupons, you can give your clients an incentive to shop on your website.

🐇 By using Segmentify’s solutions, the personalised discount codes and bulk push notifications, we will analyse visitors and send the most appropriate coupon for them. These discount codes will be time-limited and will expire after a set period of time.

Wrapping Up

Easter Day is an important day for eCommerce websites to participate in and market their products. We actually recommend creating a calendar for these kinds of important days and preparing campaigns for the ones suited for your brand. On the other hand, Easter Day is a day where most stores participate; therefore, we suggest that you prepare your Easter campaign a month before.

Whilst preparing for your campaign, you can work with Segmentify, and Segmentify will take care of your email reminders, Personalised Push Notifications, Personalised Product Recommendations and Personalised Search. You will also be able to analyse your campaign via Real-Time Conversion Analytics. Schedule a demo and contact one of our eCommerce experts to learn more about how Segmentify can inspire your marketing campaigns!

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