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Category: SEO

Say Hello to Powerful Search with Searchandising 2.0!

Customers increasingly rely on internal search to navigate your website. But what happens when search results are irrelevant, slow to load, or fail to personalise the experience? Frustration sets in, leading to abandoned searches and lost sales.  Introducing Searchandising 2.0, the next generation of internal search solution from Segmentify! We’ve completely revamped the search experience, ...

25 Apr 2024
The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping

Do you want to list your products and increase the visibility of your business? Google Shopping is a powerful tool to drive sales and conversions. Additionally, it allows businesses to reach potential customers without paying for advertising. What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping is a service provided by Google that allows users to search for ...

23 Mar 2023
The Evolution of Search & the Customer Journey

The Search function has evolved dramatically since the 10 blue links. Google has distinguished itself from the competition and became the market leader, and its algorithm has influenced Search and SEO significantly. Previously, we explored “Why do we search everything on the internet?” and now we will get on with the evolution of Search and ...

30 Nov 2022
10 Free SEO Tools to Boost Your SEO Traffic 

Search Engine Optimisation is a must for all eCommerce websites to reach out to new customers. It may sound complex and expensive; however, there are many free SEO tools that eCommerce businesses can use to optimise their search rankings.  What Are SEO Tools? SEO tools provide information and notifications regarding your website’s general health and ...

16 Jun 2022
A Definitive eCommerce SEO Guide with Best Practices

Every eCommerce store would like to appear in high Google Search rankings. Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial method to increase rankings and become more known on the web. Here is a list of 5 essential steps to increase Google rankings and make your eCommerce store more visible to visitors. Furthermore, the most critical SEO ...

01 Jun 2022
9 Elements You Need for an A-class Product Page (+1 Bonus)

The goal of an eCommerce store is pretty straightforward: Get your customers to purchase things. So how do you ensure your customers are informed enough to make purchases? How do you smooth out the buyer’s journey for them? The answer lies quite literally within the product page. This article will talk about the nine elements ...

17 Nov 2021
eCommerce and SEO – Is it a dark art?!

In the fifteenth episode of the second series of the eCommerce Growth Show, eCommerce SEO expert and Co-owner of Reddico, Carl Hendy shares some of his 14 years of working for brands including John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and ASOS. Join Carl with Phill this week as he shares some of his secrets on the ...

07 Jul 2020
5 Important Free SEO Steps for Growth

Segmentify was beyond excited to host the Digital Marketing Manager Mike Morrison in the third vlog of the eCommerce Growth Show series two. Mike stated the five simple SEO steps for the growth of businesses that any small business can apply. From the podcast, we gain more information about search engines and implementable SEO strategies. ...

27 May 2020
Product Descriptions Optimisation for Different Customers in 6 Simple Steps

In terms of online purchase habits, people put a lot of faith and trust in the product descriptions of whichever item they are interested in buying. Whether you operate as a small independent online store or as a large international reseller, the product descriptions you feature will make or break your sales. According to Big ...

21 May 2019
How to Optimize Your Images to Boost Online Sales

Have you ever visited a website, only to be so frustrated by how slowly it was loading that you ended up navigating away to another site? For ecommerce websites, having this happen is nothing short of a disaster. Every time it does, a potential sale is lost. The problem that these sites have comes down ...

26 Apr 2018