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10 Free SEO Tools to Boost Your SEO Traffic 

Search Engine Optimisation is a must for all eCommerce websites to reach out to new customers. It may sound complex and expensive; however, there are many free SEO tools that eCommerce businesses can use to optimise their search rankings. 

What Are SEO Tools?

SEO tools provide information and notifications regarding your website’s general health and success. They may assist you in identifying areas of opportunity, as well as limitations or concerns that may be preventing you from ranking and gaining awareness in the SERPs.

The same applies to SEO, where each tool serves a specialised purpose. You may use SEO tools to help you with keyword research, analytics, backlink checkers, speed checkers, tracking, crawling, competitor analysis and WordPress.

To listen to an expert’s opinions and take advantage of his experiences with SEO tools and how to use them, check out the eCommerce Growth Show episode with Ozan Keteci, Zeo Agency: Examining SEO Trends and Competitor Evaluations

10 Free SEO Tools for eCommerce

Here we have gathered some SEO tools for eCommerce businesses to use free of charge.

1. Free Keyword Search Tools

Having a well-written eCommerce website with proper product descriptions, including every detail, is essential for the store to grow. These tools help eCommerce businesses find the most relevant and essential keywords regarding their product descriptions and website pages.

  • Keyword Hero
  • WordStream

These tools provide information regarding all backlinks, including the toxic ones about a specific URL.

  • Disavow Tool
  • Backlink Checker

3. Free Site Speed Checkers 

Page speed impacts practically every aspect of your business, from user experience to search engine optimisation. In reality, most website visitors will only stay on a page for four seconds before moving on to anything else. These tools check the speed of the website, including every page.

  • GT Metrix
  • DareBoost

4. Free Tracking Tools 

A tracking tool is necessary for eCommerce companies to discover a keyword’s ranking on Google. These tools track the Google rankings, and eCommerce companies can decide which keywords to target regarding their Google rankings.

  • Bulk Google Rank Tracker

5. Free Crawling Tools 

Web crawlers are used to improve your SEO ranking visibility and conversions. It can detect broken links, duplicate content, missing page titles, and severe SEO issues.

There are numerous web crawler applications available that can effectively crawl data from any website URL. These tools assist eCommerce websites in improving their website structure so that search engines can understand it and increase their rankings.

  • Redirect Path
  • Quick Click Website Audit

6. Free Local SEO Tools 

Local SEO is more crucial than ever before. The goal of dominating local search results is taking precedence over every other marketing effort for small firms as local competition heats up.

  • Schema Creator
  • Local SEO Checklist

7. Free Mobile SEO Checkers 

People surf the Internet from their mobile devices a lot more compared to, say, five years ago. Therefore, creating a mobile-friendly version of the website is crucial for the eCommerce business. With free mobile SEO checkers, eCommerce websites can check the website speed, mobile-friendliness and design from these tools.

  • Cloudflare
  • Mobile-Friendly Test

8. Free Competitor Analysis Tools 

Competitor analysis tools are the quickest approach to find out what is working and what isn’t in your eCommerce business. As a result, they are crucial to the development of new firms. This is because you can’t afford to squander time, money, and resources on elaborate business experiments and hit-or-miss efforts while you’re just starting out. You’ll need specific, tried-and-true techniques that have demonstrated their worth in your field.

  • SimilarWeb
  • SpyFu

9. Free Multi SEO tools 

Since there are many different sections for SEO, eCommerce marketers might find it complicated to manage all SEO tool accounts. However, many multi-tools for SEO check the speed, keywords and other features with only one tool and for free of charge.

  • Semrush
  • MozBar

10. Free WordPress Plugins

The website is the most critical part of an eCommerce business for obvious reasons. The design must be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, and the shoppers must be able to browse it quickly.

The eCommerce website should also be search engine-friendly and should be kept safe from spammers. Therefore, using WordPress Plugins is necessary to keep your website decent.

  • Jetpack
  • Yoast

Wrapping Up

Search Engine Optimisation has become a priority for eCommerce companies, so they’re investing in better websites with better content. Whilst this may seem hard to accomplish, free SEO tools are helpful for smaller eCommerce companies. Since SEO has become wide stream, it is not hard to find specific tools regarding your website.

Segmentify helps eCommerce companies gain more customer retention and sales rates through intelligent AI algorithms and the use of relevant data. As specified previously, eCommerce companies must put their website first and invest in it. With Segmentify’s free 14-day trial, eCommerce marketers can try us out and increase their customer satisfaction.

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