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Say Hello to Powerful Search with Searchandising 2.0!

Customers increasingly rely on internal search to navigate your website. But what happens when search results are irrelevant, slow to load, or fail to personalise the experience?

Frustration sets in, leading to abandoned searches and lost sales. 

Introducing Searchandising 2.0, the next generation of internal search solution from Segmentify!

We’ve completely revamped the search experience, empowering you to deliver lightning-fast results, unmatched customisation, and a seamless journey that keeps users engaged and ready to convert.

Keep reading for all the juicy details ↴

What’s Searchandising?

Searchandising refers to the strategic optimisation of a website’s internal search function. It leverages merchandising techniques to tailor search results and product discovery, ultimately enhancing the customer journey and driving conversions.

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Challenges of Traditional Internal Search Solutions

Internal search plays a crucial role in the customer journey, directly impacting product discovery and purchase decisions. However, traditional internal search engines often struggle with:

  • Irrelevant results: Customers encounter products that don’t match their search intent, leading to frustration and lost sales.
  • Slow loading times: Laggy search experiences can cause customers to abandon the search altogether.
  • Lack of personalisation: Traditional search doesn’t consider individual preferences or past behaviour, hindering product discovery for returning customers.

These limitations disrupt the customer journey, leading to missed conversion opportunities and increased customer churn. Personalised search results, on the other hand, can significantly improve customer satisfaction and drive sales by ensuring users find the products they’re looking for quickly and easily.

The Searchandising 2.0 Advantage

Let’s get to know Segmentify’s Searchandising 2.0 a bit closer:

1. Faster Setup

Searchandising 2.0 boasts a streamlined setup process, getting your internal search box operational in just 2 hours. This translates to faster time-to-value, allowing you to experience the benefits of enhanced search functionality and start driving conversions quicker than ever before.

2. 50% Faster Searches 

Searchandising 2.0 prioritises a lightning-fast search experience without compromising website performance. Its code is 50% smaller than previous versions and 30% lighter than Segmentify alternatives. This translates to blazing-fast search results that keep your customers happy and engaged.

No more waiting for pages to load – your customers will find the products they need instantly, leading to a smoother purchase journey and increased conversions.

Personalised and customised search results page.
Image source: Segmentify

3. Increased Customisation

With customisable search facets, you can refine search parameters based on your specific product categories and attributes. Take control of result ordering, prioritising high-performing products or showcasing new arrivals first. Design product cards with the information most valuable to your customers, ensuring they can make informed purchase decisions quickly and easily.

With Searchandising 2.0, you can craft a search experience that seamlessly integrates with your brand identity and maximises conversion opportunities.

The internal search box for an online pet shop is divided into two parts. The left part is narrower and lists popular categories, brands, and searches. The right side lists the popular products. The products have product badges: Cat-tastic Deals badge is shaped like a cat’s head, Premium badge is shaped like a crown, and Grain-free badge is shaped like a paw print.
Image sourse: Segmentify

4. Improved SEO & Organic Traffic

Organic traffic from Google searches is a powerful sales driver, but creating landing pages for every conceivable keyword combination is a losing battle. It’s expensive and impractical. 

Searchandising 2.0 solves this dilemma by optimising your internal search results for SEO

This means your product pages rank higher in relevant Google searches, attracting high-intent customers who are already actively looking for what you offer.

5. Mobile-Ready

Searchandising 2.0 is built with mobile in mind, delivering a fully responsive search experience that adapts perfectly to smartphones and tablets. This eliminates the need for additional development or adjustments, saving you time and resources.  

As a result, Searchandising 2.0 increases customer satisfaction and eliminates the risk of mobile users abandoning their search due to compatibility issues.

6. Uninterrupted Search Experience

We understand that exploration is key to successful product discovery. That’s why we’ve eliminated frustrating page refreshes.

Seamlessly transition between product details and search results without disrupting the user flow. This allows customers to explore different options quickly and intuitively, ultimately leading to a more informed purchase decision. Searchandising 2.0 keeps customers engaged and focused on finding the perfect product, maximising the potential for higher conversion rates.

 Try Segmentify’s Searchandising 2.0 Today!

Searchandising 2.0 empowers you to transform your internal search engine with a range of game-changing benefits:

  • Faster setup (2 hours): Get up and running in record time.
  • Lightning-fast searches (50% faster): Keep customers happy with instant results.
  • Increased customisation: Tailor the search experience to match your product catalogue perfectly.
  • Mobile-ready: Effortless search on every device, no adjustments needed.
  • Uninterrupted search experience: Keep customers engaged with seamless exploration.
  • Boost organic traffic: Attract high-intent customers with SEO-optimised results.

Don’t settle for a clunky internal search experience that drives customers away. Try Segmentify’s Searchandising 2.0 today and experience the difference! Maximise conversions, boost customer satisfaction and watch your sales soar.

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