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Category: Segmentify

Leader in eCommerce Personalisation, Search and Analytics

Segmentify is a Customer Engagement Platform that enables brands to provide hyper-personalised customer experiences. Leading brands like Puma, Ebuyer, Intersports, Celtic, Samsung, Carrefour, Mediamarkt and IKEA choose to work with us because our solutions offer them the chance to personalise and customise on-site and cross-channel marketing campaigns. G2 reports illustrate our ability to orchestrate customer ...

24 Jan 2023
Product Zoom In: Social Proof

Imagine a scorching summer’s day. You desperately want some ice cream, and there they are—two ice cream shops next to one another! However, one is completely empty, while the other has a big queue. Which one would you choose? The shop with the queue, right? Did you ever stop to think why? The answer is ...

12 Jan 2023
How to Improve Search Relevance in 9 Steps

Getting irrelevant and meaningless results for your search query is frustrating. Needless to say, a lot of prospects are lost this way. There are ways to improve search relevance, though. Are you taking notes? Key Takeaways What is Search Relevance? Search relevance is the degree of the accuracy of the relationship between the search query ...

03 Jan 2023
Beginner’s Guide to Web Push Notifications

Push messages are a critical part of omnichannel communication strategy. Did you know that you can increase your ROI up to 150% if you use them effectively? There are several ways to make the best out of this channel. Let’s learn how! Key Takeaways Personalise, Personalise, Personalise The first rule of personalised communication is this: ...

19 Dec 2022
Spin the Wheel Pop-Ups: Improve Conversion with Gamified Marketing

A spin wheel pop-up can be a great conversion tool for your website. It’s a gamified marketing strategy that works by giving the user an opportunity to win something in return for their time and attention. The idea is to create a custom spin wheel with various prizes and then trigger the spin the wheel ...

08 Dec 2022
Product Zoom In: Dynamic Bundles

Spot-on recommendations hold great significance for growth. From boosting your revenue to improving your conversion rate, bundling grants you a wide range of benefits you don’t want to miss.  Key Takeaways What’s a Bundle? The dictionary definition of a bundle is a group of things tied or wrapped together. Product bundles refer to the sets ...

13 Oct 2022
Product Zoom In: Dynamic Segmentation and Persona Quiz

Wouldn’t it be great to segment your audience into smaller audiences based on shared attributes, behaviours and demographics and offer them more relevant and on-the-point recommendations? Let’s get on with the Dynamic Segmentation and Persona Quiz and learn how to get to know your customers better and personalise their experiences. Key Takeaways What is Dynamic ...

29 Sep 2022
Cross-Selling vs. Upselling: Definition, Examples, Tips, and All You Need to Know

It is always great to have new customers, but what is their contribution to your average order value? Retaining existing customers and encouraging them to make new purchases is easier than acquiring new ones. And cross-selling and upselling strategies help you just do that. Key Takeaways What is Cross-Selling?  Cross-selling is selling an additional item ...

14 Sep 2022
9 Great Back-to-School Marketing Campaigns for eCommerce

Summer is coming to an end and a new season starts. Schools are opening, the weather is getting chillier and we’re going back to school shopping. eCommerce stores can participate in the back to school season and promote their products with back to school campaigns. There is a huge market growth in the sales of ...

26 Aug 2022
How to Effectively Use Pop-Ups in eCommerce [+Teknosa Success Story]

Every eCommerce marketer wants to get the attention of their visitors. One of the best ways for this is to use pop-ups. With different designs, colours and messages, pop-ups are, without argument, one of the most effective marketing strategies for eCommerce websites. Let’s get on with our Pop-Up blog article about its definition, different types, ...

23 Aug 2022
Top 8 Benefits of Podcast Marketing for eCommerce Content Strategy

It’s 2022. The chances are that you and your friends are following multiple podcasts, know someone doing a podcast, or maybe you have your own podcast. But how does podcast marketing for eCommerce work exactly, and how does it help with the content marketing strategy? In today’s episode, we are learning about the benefits of ...

18 Jul 2022
My Segmentify Journey: From Intern to Marketing Specialist

It’s been almost 8 whole months since I started working at Segmentify as a Marketing Specialist. However, I’ve been a part of the Segmentify team longer than that, so I figured it’s the perfect time to discuss my experience as an intern and a full-time employee at Segmentify. After turning my master’s dissertation in, I ...

08 Jul 2022