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Category: Personalised Search

In Search of Meaning: Why Do We Search for Everything on the Internet?

At least 8.5 billion Google searches are done per day. Hey, you have probably done several searches today, even to pass by this blog. Let’s take a journey together to learn why we search for everything online. What is the Meaning of Internet Search? An Internet Search is a submission to a search engine that ...

29 Nov 2022
What’s Your Mobile Search Strategy?

Get the customer what they need quickly, actually quicker than quickly and then get them off the site. The main rule in eCommerce is that good UX + history/speed = success. Yes, it’s a risk-free strategy, but will it grow your business? Will your AOV ever grow if that’s your only strategy? Shoppers today want ...

07 Feb 2022
Online Shopping’s Future Trend: Voice Commerce

Online shopping is a rapidly growing sector that also faces rapid change and innovation. Voice features are the current trend and innovations in this sector. Most importantly, voice search. Currently, consumers do searches, purchases, and redirect to other pages using their voice without a keyboard. All of this is possible with the improvement of voice ...

20 Aug 2021
How eCommerce Platforms Can Capitalise on Smart Search

Segmentify Launches Personalised Searchandising Solution The wait is over! Segmentify’s revolutionary Personalised Searchandising solution is about to go live. Before we dive into details about how you can join the waitlist, let’s discover all you need to know about personalised searchandising, also known as smart search, and how this solution is allowing eCommerce companies to ...

24 Jun 2021
How Segmentify solved Sephora’s Complex Searchandising Needs!

In the newest episode of the eCommerce Growth Show, our host takes on how Sephora was battling to solve its searchandising needs and utilised Segmentify’s unique solutions. In addition, this show covers how Segmentify employs a significant position in helping clients address common eCommerce platform issues and gain the most out of their platform, delivering ...

15 Oct 2020