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Category: Fashion

The State of Fashion Industry 2023

As we reach the midway point of 2023, what’s better than now to explore the current state of the fashion industry, perpetually shaped by evolving trends, changing consumer behaviour, and technological progress? This article delves into insightful publications from credible sources, exploring the intersection of fashion trends, music, social media, and technology, and examines their ...

05 Jul 2023
Top Trends of Fashion eCommerce Stores and COVID-19 Effect

The fashion eCommerce industry has an annual growth rate of 21.6% and is expected to grow faster in the following years. COVID-19 has changed consumer habits, and buying clothing online has become popular among all age groups. This article will dive into the COVID-19 effect on the fashion industry with fashion trends and new technologies. ...

21 Sep 2021
5 Reasons Fashion Brands Need to Provide a Personalised Experience

The fashion industry is evolving faster today than it ever has in the past – and technology is behind the rapid change. Not only are fashion trends constantly changing, but how people consume and learn about fashion is evolving as well. Introducing the online shopping experience revolutionised the fashion industry and social media has only ...

06 Aug 2019