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Category: Sporting Goods

A Case of Sporting Goods Part IV: Winning Strategies for the Basket Page & Cross-Channel Messaging

It’s here, the final chapter of A Case of Sporting Goods. So far in this case study series, we’ve examined the challenges of the sports goods industry and went over winning strategies for the homepage, search areas, product and category pages. It is now time to close this case with the basket page and cross-channel ...

08 Nov 2022
A Case of Sporting Goods Part III: Winning Strategies for the Category & Product Pages

Previously in A Case of Sporting Goods, we’ve discussed the current state of the market and went over the homepage and search strategies to tackle its challenges successfully. It is now time for the penultimate chapter: Let’s discuss the winning strategies for the category and product pages! 📍 Winning Strategies for the Category Pages Often ...

03 Nov 2022
A Case of Sporting Goods Part II: Winning Strategies for the Homepage & Search

In the last article of the series, A Case of Sporting Goods Part I, we examined the current situation of the sporting goods market and discussed its challenges. Now, it’s time to move on to the next stage and share our winning strategies to overcome these challenges! 📍 Winning Strategies for the Homepage A website’s ...

26 Oct 2022
A Case of Sporting Goods Part I: The Challenges

I’ve lost count of how many times I have started a Chloe Ting challenge from the beginning without ever seeing it through until the very end. This, however, cannot stop me and others like me from being into sports fashion. This growing interest in physical and mental well-being is one of the biggest reasons behind ...

20 Oct 2022
How Segmentify Helps Scottsdale Golf’s “Frictionless eCommerce” Strategy!

In the fifth vlog of the third series of the eCommerce Growth Show, Abe Rossiter, eCommerce Manager of Scottsdale Golf talks to Phill about how he found his background in accountancy helped him when he found a passion for eCommerce; diving in head first just two years ago, hungry to learn how to further Scottdale’s ...

22 Oct 2020