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A 360 Degree View on eCommerce

We wanted to take a look at the importance of a 360-degree approach in ecommerce, where personalisation can be as important as your shipping, platform and payments choices. Take a look at how choosing the right options, from push notification to segmentation can radically improve the experience your customer receives.

Choosing the right payment option

Best in class solutions prioritise getting a single payment platform to perform all your transactions. Our experts recommend Adyen here, as they don’t just provide a one step platform, but also ensure that you can use it to accept payments anywhere and on any device. This is surprisingly difficult to come by, and ensures customers are supported through the online shopping journey with no little hiccups along the way.

Choosing the right platform

The next big choice that faces you in ecommerce is picking a great platform. You want something stylish, seamless, and supportive. BigCommerce gets our tick for the level of support they supply, with an all-encompassing set of services supported by passionate staff. They’ve been known to be swift in response, have customisable solutions and are secure and reliable for any brand – both large and small.

Choosing the right retail management system

Whether you are a retailer, a wholesaler or a big brand name, picking out the right retail management system can sometimes be a headache. Time and again, companies advocate systems which promise easy ways to improve the customer journey, yet fail to deliver. Brightpearl is way ahead of the competition here. They don’t skimp on providing smooth access to your trading data, but the customer is put right at the heart of what they do.

Choosing the right omnichannel marketing automation

Omnichannel marketing automation doesn’t have to be stiff and slow. Picking through the marketing platforms on offer shows a new revival in pushing email. However, a good marketing strategy will move beyond this; this is where dotdigital enters the competition. Boasting big names like Barbour and Virgin in their portfolio hasn’t slowed them down. With simple and inventive templates for building your campaigns on offer, they make marketing a breeze.

Choosing the right shipping

Shipping can be a tricky thing to research. Going with an option which covers all your needs is best, but hard to find. SmartFreight is our go-to shipping choice for just this reason. With an unusually flexible approach, they are proud of their ability to tailor to any need. Big companies and small both rave about the customer service they provide, and the real-time tracking option is a neat addition.

Choosing the right personalisation

Picking personalisation is often a forgotten step as a new business looks to improve the customer journey. But if you are looking to compete against big brands, bringing the product to the customer has to be a priority. Segmentify is a reliable, easy way to address this need. Our experts point to the increase in average order value, and the real-time analytics as evidence of the company’s smooth-run operations. Not only that but Segmentify looks at personalisation as an entire solution rather than a feature set. Segmentify offers personalisation throughout push, email, search and product recommendations and integrates easily with existing systems. 

If the ins and outs of choosing the right integrations for your ecommerce brand still seems frightening, join us for an in-depth look at what providing a 360 view can do for your business growth in our upcoming podcast series. We explore the ecommerce ecosystem, how to drive conversions and generally what it takes to build exceptional customer journeys alongside the host of The eCommerce MasterPlan, Chloe Thomas.

eCommerce Growth ShowRegister for exclusive early access to the eCommerce Growth Show podcasts

For those of you who would like to find out more about the latest innovations in the ecommerce sector, tune in to the “eCommerce Growth Show.” This podcast series discusses things like platform preferences and delivering segmentation and personalisation in the world of online shopping. You can’t afford to miss it. Register to get exclusive early access!

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