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Written by Segmentify

03 December 2019


13 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Conversion Rate Is Low

The invention of the internet transforms the face of global communication. The web enables proper connection among different individuals scattered across the globe. The natural geographical barriers break down with virtual online connectivity. E-commerce is the means through which global business and transactions meet the needs of people. Different individuals from across the world can meet their needs on a single and universal platform.

Such service facilitation offers timeless functionality and offers unlimited resources. The needs of a single person always differ from another one. The e-commerce industries hope to meet the global customer demands at any time of the day. The online commercial market offers unlimited access to resources and services to the general people. The availability of unique product variations can meet the public demands of the customers. Different customers have separate needs and individual choices that resemble uniqueness. The e-commerce industry investigates about the tastes and selections of the general public.

Market research helps to understand and determine the needs of the customers. Such marketing field investigations help the sellers to channelise their resources to meet the requirements. The process contributes to saving time, money, resources, and energy. It helps to increase productivity and generate higher profits. Commercial businesses can expand to new and unexplored areas to meet the needs of the general people. Business individuals can earn higher profits and develop their industrial markets. The e-commerce market opens up new avenues that can reach unlimited customers in no time. E-commerce helps to generate better profits.

  1. The concept of conversion

Conversion is a marketing term that determines a visitor completes an action or accomplishes a marketing goal. Conversion depicts the exchange that occurs during the purchase from a visitor. The conversion rate is the core principle that makes the business prosperous. Online retail must not just increase website traffic but must also cause an increase in sales generation. Taking action from the occasional pop-ups that appear on a web page is a kind of conversion. Likewise, completing a registration form for content access and purchasing the product are conversions.

  1. Proper website optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is the webpage arrangement on a browser-based on keywords.  The SEO system offers the viewer with the list of related information that they want. The search engine displays the information that is on the highest demand to the general public. Proper keyword research can help to offer the knowledge to increase SEO ranking.

  1. Cheap website representation

It is essential to recognise and meet the needs of the users. A poorly represented webpage cannot generate sufficient viewer interest. The display layout of the page can have proper relevance with the shared information. In doing so, the readers can remain attached to reading the content while admiring the design. Such harmony between the concept image and the content data can increase the viewers.  The combination of design fashion with content function can improve SEO ranking.

  1. Low-quality product images

Pictures speak more than words. The clarity and sharpness of a proper image can inform more to the customers than the content. The use of dynamic content-oriented videos can also increase the SEO ranking of the website. Bright images can convey the details much faster to the mind of the reader than static content.

  1. Eradicating unnecessary distractions

A webpage must have a proper presentation to inform the viewer about the content. But, overcrowding the page with unrelated information can create distractions for the reader. The maintenance of an orderly structure with decent and related images can interest readers. Keeping some space on the page can offer a better presentation of the content.

  1. Lacking optimisation for mobile devices

Mobile phones and smartphones have shown the capacity to replace older computer devices. The facilitation of the online Internet within mobile devices opens up new means of information exchanges. The ease of portability with its small size enables people to use such mobile devices for online purposes. Almost anyone can have access to the virtual e-commerce portal through their device. People can access these sites from any place that facilitates online connectivity. Most people nowadays carry a mobile device with them. Portal optimisation through these devices can help to generate higher revenues.

  1. Unclear call to action

A proper call to action can help create sales. A CTA message that offers understanding clarity can help in sales generation. The visitors can know clearly what the next proceeding step is. Proper clarity of the CTA is vital to catch the viewer’s attention and interest. A decent design of the CTA can improve visibility as it grabs the focus of the user. But, a single call to action message is sufficient for the purpose.

  1. Difficulty in checkout

Clearing the webpage from unwanted information can help users understand better. Placing the pictures of the purchased products with shipping details and trust seals can ease the process. The customers can follow the checkout procedure with the help of a progress bar.

  1. Lack of exit intent

Exit intent identifies that a user will leave the site and places an offer before them before they leave. A tripwire or limited time discount offer might help to generate better incentives. The additional page-level targeting can provide a proposal concerning the information on the page. 

  1. The clarity in customer knowledge

Every product meets the need for a specific group of customers who demand it. Not everyone is looking for the same materials in the market. The failure to reach the proper customers can create a low rate of conversion and reduce sales. The reference to social and Web analytics can provide appropriate information about customer demands.

  1. Lack of product knowledge

To sell a product, proper and essential details with clear images are crucial. A web page must not only offer crisp and clear images of the product. But, they should also describe in further information about its various characteristics. The information must include some details about the pictures present on the page. Provision of the details with the images can help to increase sales.

  1. Persuasion for sale generation

Persuasion is a motivating aspect of e-commerce websites. A webpage that offers errorless, descriptive, and informative content can increase sales. The use of emotional and persuasive words can generate profits. The essential points of preference, scarcity, commitment, reciprocity, consistency, social proof, and authority can help. Ensuring the webpage is free from errors, like spelling mistakes, should have the utmost priority.

  1. Lack of customer trust

The necessary foundation of any relationship is trust. To do business, there remains some level of trust between the customer and the seller. The generation in low rates of conversion depicts the lack of confidence from the end of customers. The use of real-time and authentic customer reviews can help the cause. Provide correct information with contact details and address of the seller. Use team photos on the site. Offering trust seals to maintain the security of the shoppers and resisting spam marketing can help.
There are various factors responsible behind the conversion-rate for an e-commerce website. The basic concept of buyer and seller hides a more complex psychological pattern of behavior. The online e-commerce websites undoubtedly offer a simple means of commercial exchange. But, the system follows a more complex and elaborate principle that underlies it. The online commercial business individuals realise this hidden agenda. They hope to use these needs and demands to increase their businesses and generate higher profits. The e-commerce websites offer a vast range of products and services to meet the general needs. E-commerce websites can reach the global community.

Aditya S – Author Bio
Aditya works as a Growth Assistant at AirTract, a go-to place for all expert advice wherein people ask questions, write articles, share and learn from online courses. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering and has been working in the field of Digital Marketing for the past two years. He is also a voracious reader and a big sports fan.

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