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6 Useful Tips to Decrease Bounce Rates on Ecommerce Webpages

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that enter your page and leave without navigating the site, which means, viewing other pages. This article is intended to give you some tips on how to decrease bounce rate and then you will be able to engage your visitor in order to convert them into customers/frequent visitors.

Decrease Bounce Rate
To decrease bounce rate of your web page, first, let’s start defining what bounce rate means:

Calculate the average time spent on your page and set it in Google Analytics

For content pages, this is a common issue, as people read the content on a landing page and then leave without clicking more content. This contributes to increasing your bounce rate.

On ecommerce websites, sometimes conversions can be done on one page. This shouldn’t count as bounce, but it does. To avoid this, you should determine the average time spent according to your expectations and previous user’s behavior in your Google Analytics account, so you can have real statistics.

Choosing the right keywords to obtain the right users

Quality users spend more time on your web page that the ones that landed on the page with the wrong keywords expecting for a different content. Include appealing content for each target you’re trying to reach and lead them differently according to your keywords.

Reduce your web page load time

Users frequently leave web pages when it takes them time to load. To avoid this, check your page speed here and follow Google’s suggestions. People don’t want to wait too long for a web page to load, so it would be useful if you could decrease the load time of your page and minimize the number of people that leaves without navigating.

Avoid pop-up windows

When web pages start doing things that users’ didn’t ask for, they immediately leave. This includes starting sound and videos as the page loads

Design plays an important role

Web pages that are easy to navigate are less likely to have high bounce rate. Define an objective and call to action for each landing page, so in that way, users’ won’t get lost with lots of buttons on your page.

Good content that fits users’ needs

As simple as answering the questions users are searching. If someone entered your page is because is looking for something that he saw in your title or description. Try to answer those questions as fast as you can and take and after that, try to catch their attention with related content.

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