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Easier Personalisation with the new Segmentify Recommendation App

Segmentify is the most intelligent personalisation tool around the world and helps businesses to increase revenue while improving their customer experience by intelligent product recommendations. As the reach and success of Segmentify and its clients grow, we proudly continue to improve our service and invest in new innovation to satisfy the needs of our e-commerce partners.
As a result, we recently combined the power of our top-performing personalisation software Segmentify Recommendation App with leading e-commerce platform BigCommerce.

BigCommerce: Our partner in e-commerce

BigCommerce is an all-in-one e-commerce software platform that provides every tool and functionality to build and grow an e-commerce business. The company provides plans for both fast-growing brands and high-volume businesses.
As a highly extensible and open SaaS platform, BigCommerce packs a lot of powerful widgets into a single service. To date, BigCommerce currently powers more than 150,000 online stores in over 120 countries around the world.  
BigCommerce has many useful features for e-commerce businesses, such as themes, payment integrations, a suite of marketing and SEO tools and more. And now with the Segmentify Recommendation App, BigCommerce users have the ability to easily integrate personalisation features into their e-commerce platform.

What is the Segmentify Recommendation App?

The Segmentify Recommendation App is a plug-in widget tool developed for the BigCommerce platform. E-commerce businesses can now find the Segmentify Recommendation App in the “campaigns” section of their app in “test” mode. Once installed, they can benefit from Segmentify’s AI-powered recommendation widgets by implementing a few blocks of code to their shop theme. It’s as easy as copy and paste!

What does the Segmentify Recommendation App offer?

The Segmentify Recommendation App offers six different campaigns and strategies for different web pages of your e-commerce:

1.  Home Page

The homepage is one of the most important pages of an e-commerce platform. It is the decorated shop window that invites passersby into the store. On the homepage, you can highlight the “rockstars of the month” or the most popular products to catch the attention of potential customers and increase the odds of a purchase.

Home Page Widget

2. Product Page

Product page recommendations are the most powerful tool to increase your revenue. Here, you can show product recommendations according to your customer’s preferences. You can either use the default “Track Your Products” option and recommend only your products with the default variant. Or you can use the advanced “Track Your Product Variants” option to identify each variant and use them to track customer preferences and make personalised recommendations.

Product Page Widget

3. Category Page

Only 50% of visitors make it to your category listing pages and even then, they only view a couple of pages before leaving. It’s critical to maximise the time that they’re on your site in order to encourage them to make a purchase.

Category Page Widget

4. Basket Page

Customers are now ready to buy! You can recommend additional products and increase your AOV with our cross-selling feature.

Basket Page Widget

5. Search Page

Customers searching for a product are more likely to make a purchase. However,  if you don’t have the product they’re looking for, it’s better to show relevant suggestions instead of a “zero search results” page.

6. 404 Page

Even if your page is broken, offering top-selling products or discounts to visitors reduces site abandonment and drives customers to continue shopping!
Segmentify and BigCommerce joined their forces to provide a powerful, easy-to-use and convenient service for the world’s most popular e-commerce businesses. In addition to our useful personalisation features, we also support BigCommerce customers with Segmentify’s highly Proactive Technical support for excellence. This ensures that your business gets the most out of Segmentify’s solutions.
 Head to our new Segmentify Recommendation App in the BigCommerce app store now and skyrocket your online revenue today!
Happy Personalisation!

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