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How to Convert Silent Visitors into Returning Visitors that Act

You are getting new visitors, but returning visitors become more important day by day in terms of lead. Receiving a lot of traffic is awesome but actually engaging and letting your visitors wanting more, coming back to your website every day is more critical.

Transform your followers into returning visitors

If you have been here for a while you know that I give a lot of importance on capturing email subscribers and creating a website that has loyal followers. To achieve this, you should create content in your e-commerce blog to engage your visitors.  The reason for this is simple. Over the life of your blog, you will find that it is your loyal readers who link to you from their websites, leave comments on your posts, bookmark you on social media websites and, most importantly, buy your products when you launch them.

If you make your blog completely about your readers and less about yourself you will find that people naturally become loyal. This is particularly true of niche blogging where you are talking to a very specific set of people who are interested in a narrow field. In these cases, it is quite easy to talk in terms that other people are interested in.

Reader retention isn’t just getting people to return. Readers that continue to return, read your content and engage with your brand over time recognise you for the authority you have and increase their trust in you. Trust is the lynchpin that drives a visitor into a customer.

Basket abandonment emails to have returning visitors

Returning Visitors
returning visitors

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges facing online retailers, with three-quarters of customers effectively walking away at the till. Clearly, a lot can be done in terms of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) in order to curb basket abandonment. Being completely upfront about delivery costs directly on product pages would be a great start.

An immediate email after the customer has left the site may come across as off-putting and desperate; however choosing a slightly different tactic may be more appealing. Another tactic is offering a discount in one of the three retargeted emails. Perhaps the second or third email could contain an exclusive discount code for the basket.

Use specific CTAs

A call to action is a piece of text that tells someone what step to take next. We see them so often that we often stop noticing them. Think about the last late night fitness commercial that you saw – I bet it ended by telling you to call NOW for free delivery or something similar. That is a call to action.

If you want people to come back to your blog then tell them how to do it. Give them clear calls to action about why they should subscribe by email, add your feed to their feed reader or bookmark your posts for later. Go even deeper in the process by telling them how to do it; don’t assume that everyone has as much knowledge as you do about posting schedules or how email subscriptions work.

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