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Written by Segmentify

23 October 2015




Webrazzi Summit Arena 2015

Webrazzi, the leading web source focusing on digital markets, startups, investments, technological developments and events organises the most proficient internet conference Webrazzi Summit each year. This year, they decided to organise Turkey’s most important entrepreneurship contest, with the distinction of Webrazzi: Webrazzi Arena and Segmentify was selected to be part of this contest as one of 12 participants.

Webrazzi Segmentify Booth
Webrazzi Summit Booth

During 21st and 22nd of October, we hosted lots of visitors and gave examples of our Revenue Generating campaigns for our customers with real-time product and content recommendations. Although our two co-founders Murat Soysal and Ergin Eroğlu were present in the booth with Seçkin Kumru from customer success management team, at some specific slots we were unable to serve all the visitors and there was a little queue. It was quite happy for us to have such interest in our start-up and the feedback we gathered during our real-time demo in the booth were helpful and productive.

Most of our visitors were from industry and we collected lots of business cards with specified interest to have a trial on Segmentify. In parallel, we announced a special campaign to extend 30 days free trial to 60 days for the sign ups with the special Webrazzi Summit Code, which resulted in 50+ new sign-ups in 2 days.

Webrazzi Summit Arena Day

On 22nd, the afternoon part of the Summit was allocated to Webrazzi Arena where we pitched Segmentify on stage in front of the jury composed of Bindi Karia, Brendan Baker, Melih Ödemiş and Emre Kurttepeli. It was an amazing experience to pitch Segmentify to 500+ attendees. The final for such an amazing event should be getting on the stage, so we proudly did it for the second time since we were announced as one of the winners of the Webrazzi Arena. As one of the winners of the Webrazzi Arena, Segmentify will be attending TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 London.

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