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5 Google Adwords Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

If you are new to Google Adwords, there are lots of things to set up and issues to solve. Some mistakes impact the budget of your marketing campaigns and also budget. We collected 5 common Google Adwords mistakes beginner’s made.

1) Landing all visitors to homepage

One of the important metrics in Google Adwords is quality score which affects the keyword’s cost per click (cpc). Landing page experience is another factor that affects the quality score. Therefore, if a user searches for a smartphone, the ads should land them to smartphone page. If the ad is landed to a homepage, users cannot find the smartphone he is looking for and leaves the website without purchasing any product. For better optimisation, Google Adwords account managers should be careful about final url of the ads.

2) Losing the negative keywords opportunity

In Google Adwords, there are many keyword match types which are very important for the Google Adwords account structure. Sometimes, account managers use broad match type and don’t use negative keywords. If you don’t use negative keywords while using broad match, probably you will get lots of insignificant traffic. For example, “ticket” keyword means lots type of ticket, if you use “ticket” keyword in broad match, lots of users can visit your website keywords like flight ticket, bus ticket, concert ticket etc. So, if you are selling football match ticket that means you should add negative keywords like flight, bus etc.

3) Unaware of Google Adwords mistakes extensions

There are many Google Adwords ad extension types and these extensions help you to increase quality score of your keywords. If you use Google Adwords ad extensions, your ads will occupy more space in search results and this will improve your CTR (click through rate).

4) Using all keywords in broad match

Using broad matching will bring lots if irrelevant visitors to your site and this will result in high bounce rates in ecommerce. For effective traffic, we suggest using other keyword match types like phrase, exact and also modified broad match with negative keywords.

5) Missing tracking setup

Tracking conversions are the main aim of Google Adwords optimisation. If there is no tracking there will be no optimisation. Skipping the tracking implementation is one of the common Google Adwords mistakes beginners frequently do. You might also consider using advanced conversion analytics tools such as Trendify and Bannerify for further analysing the performance of your ads.

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