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How to Personalise Your Emails in 3 Easy Steps

Want your customers and prospects to feel like you are talking to them personally? Then you must adopt personalised email marketing! Let’s discover how you can start email personalisation.

Key Takeaways

  • You can increase your open rates by around 40% by simply using Hey or Dear <First Name> in the subject line.
  • Use dynamic content, such as personalised banners, recommendations, etc., to ensure that you grab the prospect’s attention.
  • Build different email flows for different scenarios and automate your email marketing.

3 Steps of Email Personalisation 

There are multiple steps to take when personalising the emails you send your clients. While you might not see the results in a day, it goes without saying that building a relationship with your customer base will reap the rewards that you are looking for in the long run.

So, what are these steps?

1. Use the recipient’s name.

Make sure to use your recipient’s name, both in the subject line and in the content of your email.

By doing this, you are indicating to the recipient that you know who they are. You are invested in ensuring they are not receiving generic emails that other companies are sending and making your customers feel like they are important to you.

A simple Hey or Dear <First Name> in the subject line can boost your open rates by around 40%.

2. Use dynamic content.

Everyone has been in a situation where you have three different emails from 3 companies that use the same ESP (Email Service Provider) with the same content. And then they proceed to move them all into spam—no surprises here.

It is nice to have a clear and concise receipt email that is always the same. However, if you are trying to capture my attention, having different emails with different content every time goes a long way.

This is the case with most, if not all, of your customers, who expect different and accurate content every time. 

Manually achieving this is possible if you have three customers signed up to your mailing list, where you can curate the content you are sending. However, this is virtually impossible if you have a customer base of thousands. 

Personalised banners, products, and content in your emails… Many tools ensure that people who receive your emails get a personalised and customised email every single time, which we will go into more detail about as we advance.

3. Use triggered emails.

A solid email flow is a must to keep your customers up-to-date and be constantly in touch with them. Triggered emails are a big part of this.

Sending an email after purchase with the order id is standard practice. However, adding alternative products to what they have ordered to that email goes a long way. This will capture your customer’s attention and might even sell more products that your customers might still need to purchase.

For example, sending batteries to customers who bought RC Cars from your store will not only make them feel like you are looking out for what is best for them by removing the inconvenience of finding batteries for their product, but get you a repeat customer who will prefer your store over the others. 

What’s Next?

Don’t forget to come back for more information on email marketing and personalised emails. Next week, we are looking into some mind-blowing email marketing statistics you absolutely need to know about.

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