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5 Striking Benefits of Personalised Emails

It is essential to know that emails, while widespread and accessible for everyone, do not necessarily appeal to your email list. To ensure that your emails hit the right spot, you need email personalisation. Scroll down to learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • Want to avoid becoming another voice in the crowd? Segment your audience.
  • Did you know that personalised emails can increase your CTR by 139%?
  • Plus, you do not need to spend a single dime on starting email marketing!

What are the Benefits of Email Personalisation?

The short version is that by adopting email personalisation, you are accomplishing the following:

  • Increased open rates
  • Improved click-through rates
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Better ROI

But let’s dive deeper to understand everything better. 

1. Cost-Effectiveness

First and foremost, you do not need to spend a single cent on starting a email marketing campaign. All you need is a list of email addresses and a free email account.

To increase your reach, investing in this field will help you reach more people, such as email services that will help you build your email list for a fee. With this investment, it is important to keep your ROI in mind as there are better strategies than investing in this heavily to start with. However, in the long run, having a targeted email list will go a long way in converting contacts to sales.

2. Increased Open Rates

Many people who receive brand marketing emails in their inboxes say they delete them without opening them. Even more, people say they treat the “Promotions” folder in their GMAIL as spam and will not open any email stored under it.

So, what can you do to improve your open rates? Is it as simple as putting “Dear [First Name]” in the subject lines? While this strategy can boost your open rates by around 40%, more steps should be taken to increase the open rates with further personalisation.

In addition to personalising the subject line, it is essential to make the subject line give information about what is in the email. For example, touching base on your customer’s activity on your website is important. So a subject line that says “Dear <X>, you might be interested in leopard print handbags.” will ensure that you are addressing the right person and their interests regarding their shopping behaviour.

By personalising your email’s subject line, you are taking the right steps to a better open rate. Make sure to address the right person and their interests in your product catalogue.

3. Improved Click-Through Rates

A benchmark by Bluecore on emails reports a 139% increase in click-through rate (CTR) for personalised emails. In addition, repeat customers are more likely to continue shopping, while converting first-time buyers is more complicated.

This benchmark shows us that personalisation regarding email content is a must if you want to increase your CTR. This increase in CTR can only be achieved by accurate content and product recommendations in the email’s content. This can be achieved with tools such as Segmentify, where AI engines directly process the users’ website activity to display the products that are more likely to be clicked on and purchased by your customers.  

“Contact Segmentify to Get Inspired” banner with a “Book Demo” button.

An example of the case is the most prominent in price-drop products. When customers go through your catalogue, they most likely see the prices, note the products they are interested in, and wait for the price to be more affordable for their budget.

An email that includes these products both in the content and the subject line of the email means that these customers that you have not converted before will open the email, see the products that they saved and click on them as they are on discount. This will help massively with the CTR and ensure that the visitor is converted into a customer. 

4. Increased Conversion Rates

Building a personalised network of emails means that your customers will start to create a bond with your brand as they will notice that everything you are sending over is personalised to their liking. This means that your emails will stand out from the crowd when it comes to being personal to one customer, accurate to their preferences, and showing them what they might be interested in. 

As mentioned before, having the right personalisation tool that will do all of this for you without any effort means that you will be converting more people into customers who might not even have bought a single product from you before, as well as keep customers coming back for more in the long run.

A person who sees a cookie-cutter email that the X brand sends might need to click on the products in the email. However, a person that is sent an email that shows them what they were or are still interested in will capture their attention. This attention-grabbing email, in turn, will bring the customer back to the store and get them a step closer to a purchase. 

In an email, try to show a person interested in baggy clothing, skinny jeans. You will not only ensure they will not get back on the website, but they will also ignore future emails, which show the importance of accurate customer profiling and targeted advertisement in capturing and keeping customers.

5. Better Return On Investment (ROI)

As previously mentioned, while free, improvements can cost you money. This is the investment in the email that is important to do. However, ensuring that you are getting more than what you’re paying for a 3rd party tool to manage your emails and their content is an oversight you should not be a part of.

As email marketing is expected to reach a revenue of $11 billion by the end of 2023, the piece of the pie you will have can either be small or large depending on your choosing the strategy, the amount of investment into email marketing as well as the 3rd party tools.

With the right strategy, you ensure you get a more significant piece of the pie and build a better relationship with your customer. This strategy should focus on how much you’re investing in the tools regarding money and time and how much revenue they bring to your company. With the right strategy, tools, and tests, your ROI can be as high as 28%

Personalise Your Emails, Folks. 

With the benefits and definitions out of the way, it is clear from the data that having cookie-cutter emails do not work in 2022, where everyone and their grandmothers are sending marketing emails. 

Personalising your emails for every customer is hard work, but it does not have to be. Finding the right tool is significant when maximising your revenue from this venture that you are investing your time and money into.

What’s Next?

So far we’ve covered what email marketing is and how email personalisation benefits a business. Next stop: How to Personalise Your Emails!

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