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A New Alliance Between Segmentify & Nitrosell to Improve Ecommerce

‘We’re happy to proudly announce our new solution partnership with Ireland based ecommerce platform provider Nitrosell that provides integrated ecommerce solutions for independent retailers. Through this partnership we hope to not only expand our audience in the ecommerce world and reach more ecommerce businesses, but also offer them better services to enrich the ecommerce experience for everyone.’ – Segmentify Partnership Manager, Merve Sarıalioğlu

Let’s get to know the companies

Before diving in deeper to what this alliance between two solution companies holds, let’s get to know both of the companies a bit more.

Who is Segmentify?

Segmentify is a recommendation platform for ecommerce businesses.
Segmentify’s vision is to create a better online shopping experience by personalizing it for each visitor, thus increasing online sales for ecommerce businesses. With its advanced machine-learning technology, the company promises its customers at least 10% contribution to their online sales in just 2 weeks. Segmentify is becoming a prominent player in the global markets with more than 150 customers from over 10 countries.
With offices in Berlin, Paris, London, Istanbul and Dubai, Segmentify helps improve the ecommerce experience for both ends of the transaction. Through the personalization services Segmentify provides to online businesses, online customers get to save time and find the exact products they’re looking for on websites, all the while ecommerce managers enjoy the increase in customer satisfaction and therefore online sales.

What does personalization exactly mean?

In its simplest definition, personalization means offering the right product or campaign to the right customer at the right time and on the right channel.
In the agile world of ecommerce, online visitors leave ecommerce websites without making a purchase, unless they are shown the exact products they’re looking for under 8 seconds. According to a Gartner study, out of 100 online visitors, only 2 actually end up making a purchase, which results in low conversion rates for ecommerce businesses.
Segmentify aims to solve this problem by offering ecommerce companies a chance to only show the most relevant products and campaigns to each of their visitors.

Why is personalization crucial to ecommerce success?

Ecommerce companies spend big amounts to drive traffic on their websites. But unless, you direct those visitors to the relevant products, you won’t be able to recoup the money you had spent to acquire those visitors. The inability to direct visitors towards the right products leaves ecommerce managers with low ROIs and high Customer Acquisition Costs.
The solution to this problem lies in ecommerce personalization, that is presenting each visitor the exact products they’re looking for. And this is exactly what Segmentify does by tracking the online behaviors of each customer and then using that data to recommend them the products they are most likely to purchase.
Read all the different ways ecommerce personalization will benefit your online store here.

Segmentify offers three different solutions to improve ecommerce

1) Personalized Product Recommendations
With Segmentify’s personalized product recommendations, you can present each visitor the exact products they’re looking for in real-time. By offering your customers the right products or campaigns at the right time, you’ll add at least 10% to your online revenue in under 2 weeks. In fact, you can find case studies about real-life uses of Segmentify solutions here.
2) Personalized Emails
Personalized emails let you stay in touch with your visitors at all times. Through 9 different email scenarios, you can seize each opportunity to increase your sales. From reminding your customers about the items they left in their carts to recover your abandoned carts, to sending them complementary products following their last purchases, with fully personalized email campaigns, you can use every opportunity to increase your online sales.
3) Real-time Conversion Analytics
Segmentify’s real-time conversion analytics tools Trendify, Bannerify and Insights let you stay on top of everything that’s happening on your online store in real-time. By relying on real-time reports, you can always make data-driven business decisions and be one step ahead of the competition! Learn more about Segmentify’s real-time reports here.

Why Segmentify?

Segmentify promises its customers a contribution of at least 10% to their online sales, with the help of its advanced machine-learning technology. It only takes 5 days to get on board with Segmentify, during which the all the customer has to do is just add one line of js-code to their webpages. Segmentify’s Customer Success team takes care of the rest and prepares 6 ready-to-go campaigns for start the free-trial. And the best part is that this is all included in the initial fee.
To try right now, Nitrosell customers can sign up to Segmentify through this link!

Who is Nitrosell?

Nitrosell, Ireland based SaaS company, is the global leader when it comes to providing integration solutions for online retailers. Their dedication to improving the quality of online retail shows in their determination to offer ecommerce businesses the best-quality solutions that hide complexity, minimize costs, and provide a highly productive and efficient operating environment.
NitroSell is an award-winning company that is recognized as the leading supplier of integrated ecommerce solutions to the Retail Management Hero, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009, and now pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express systems as well as integrations for Retail Pro, UnifyPOS, and The General Store.

What does this partnership mean for ecommerce?

Both parties will thrive to improve their solutions and offer state-of-art services to improve the online sales of ecommerce companies, while answering one very important question in ecommerce: ‘How can I increase my conversion rates?’
By providing ease-of-use for ecommerce managers, friendly costs and rapid returns to customer requests, Segmentify and Nitrosell will improve the quality of their work by growing stronger together.
This alliance with two strong players in ecommerce solution software industry, indicates a better services for their joint customers and wider network of ecommerce businesses across borders.

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