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Create More Personalised eCommerce Campaigns with Rule-Based Segmentation

One of the key requirements for retargeting campaigns that actually generate leads and convert users is first to know who to target. Only with true and valuable audience segmentation can you create real value and grow as a business and community. But how do we do that, you ask? Scroll down to learn more about Rule-Based Segmentation and what wonders it can do for your customer journey!

Defining Rule-Based Segmentation

Rule-Based Segmentation, a Customer Management solution by Segmentify, is a behavioural segmentation method designed and developed to help eCommerce directors and digital marketers build more personalised and tailor-made customer journeys. 

Create as many segments as you want with Rule-Based Segmentation and use it across Segmentify’s Growth Suite for higher relevancy and better behavioural targeting.

How Segmentify Can Help with Behavioural Targeting

Treating each website visitor as a separate and unique entity and engaging with them individually according to their behavioural patterns plays a crucial role in this era of digitalisation. There are two things that a marketer should ask themselves about behavioural segmentation and behavioural targeting: Why do we need behavioural segmentation? And how can we use this behavioural segmentation to optimise our marketing campaigns?

Let’s take a look at how Rule-Based Segmentation by Segmentify helps businesses with behavioural segmentation:

Limitless Segment Options

When it comes to creating customer segments, the only limit is your imagination! You can create as many user segments as you want based on your business performance metrics and different campaign goals. Additionally, you can create different segment combinations using the segment creation dashboard. More on what kind of segments you can build later; keep reading 😉

Learn Your Audience Reach for More Effective Retargeting

Based on your customer segmentation strategy and company goals, you will have an abundance of target customer segments. And one of the most crucial things at this point will be to understand the audience reach of the customer segments you’ve created. To illustrate more clearly, learning the scope of your segments will help you build better and more effective campaigns.

Certain campaigns will not be necessarily for one single target audience segment. This might be because some of the target audience segments are too niche or small. In that case, you wouldn’t want to necessarily spend money, time and effort on such a small segment, right?

Through the Segmentify dashboard, you can observe your user segments’ estimated and exact reach. And you can use this information to decide whether to combine certain customer segments or not to have a wider reach for your campaign. For example, it’s better to have a target segment as broad as possible when announcing the Summer Collection’s arrival instead of announcing a celebrity and brand collaboration.

Higher Relevancy and Better Targeting

Every digital marketer knows that designing stellar campaigns is not enough. You have to match the right campaign and message with the right audience, which is usually easier said than done. Creating campaign flows that feel like one-to-one conversations in the digital world is challenging, let alone eCommerce. After all, the key to success in eCommerce lies in making your customers feel special and unique.

With Rule-Based Segmentation, you can now segment your audience according to your specific goals and make sure that your campaigns reach the right audience by designing custom campaigns and campaign messages for different segments.

Create Consistent and Logical Customer Journeys

Trends and tastes change pretty quickly, but if you manage to create something that stays with people, they will not leave your side. The key to establishing brand loyalty is by building customer journeys that are consistent, logical, and tailor-made.  So show your customers you know them better than anyone else at every step of the way with Segmentify Growth Suite.

Create seamless customer experiences with personalised product recommendations, push notifications, personalised emails and engagement solutions.  You can use your user segments across the Segmentify Growth Suite to create end-to-end personalised customer journeys.

Save Segments, Save Time

It’s all about efficiency and streamlining the customer journey. So why would you have to do the same thing over and over again and start every campaign from scratch? Instead, you can save yourself time and effort by saving your most frequently used audience segments.

So the next time you’re building a new campaign, you can first look at your saved target audience segments and see if you need some of them again. This way, you’ll decrease the time you spend preparing and finalising campaigns.

Sounds Cool, Can You Give Me Some Retargeting Examples to Use with Rule-Based Segmentation?

Let’s get to the moment you’ve all been scrolling for—What kind of segments can you build with Segmentify Rule-Based Segmentation? Here’re some segment examples to inspire you: 

Browsing Behaviour

  • Shoppers who viewed but did not buy the product
  • Shoppers who view a chosen category but do not buy anything
  • Shoppers who like browsing through the deals of the day
  • Shoppers who look for and buy discounted products

Purchasing History

  • Shoppers who spent X amount of money in the last 30 days
  • Shoppers who purchased Y times from Category X in the last 30 days
  • Shoppers who like purchasing from specific categories
  • Segments depending on price range (luxury items, discounted categories, etc.) 

Add to Cart Behaviour

  • Shoppers who put something from the sneakers category to their cart in the last week
  • Shoppers who put something from the BrandX to their cart in the last 30 days
  • Shoppers who added a chosen hair product to their cart 3 weeks ago—might be the time to replenish! 

Demographic Differences

  • Shoppers aged between 17-25 to inform about that new Dua Lipa brand collaboration!
  • Shoppers who haven’t logged in the last 5 days
  • Shoppers who last logged a week ago and love to browse through the suits category
  • Luxury lovers above the age 40 

Technology Preferences

  • Desktop users who made a purchase in the last week 
  • Windows users who browsed through the headphones category
  • iOS users who purchased a phone case in the last 4 months
  • Chrome or Safari users aged above 15 
  • Shoppers who opted in for push notifications and shoppers who made a purchase above 100£ in the last 3 days
  • Shoppers with an email subscription and who are bargain hunters
  • Shoppers who opted in for push notifications and who like browsing through the sports accessories 

Wrapping Up

Now you know all about Rule-Based Segmentation and how it optimises the customer journey to create tailor-made and consistent shopping experiences. Contact one of our experts to get more information on Rule-Based Segmentation or other Customer Management solutions or any other solution from the Segmentify Growth Suite that can help grow your business!

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