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Spin the Wheel Pop-Ups: Improve Conversion with Gamification Marketing

A spin wheel pop-up can be a great conversion tool for your website. It’s a gamification marketing strategy that works by giving the user an opportunity to win something in return for their time and attention. The idea is to create a custom spin wheel with various prizes and then trigger the spin the wheel pop-up on your website with a predefined activity.

Key Takeaways

  • A spin the wheel campaign is an interactive promotion where participants are given a chance to win prizes by spinning a wheel.
  • Spin the Wheel marketing campaigns are a great way to engage visitors, promote your brand and generate new leads.
  • Don’t just use a generic template to create a Spin the Wheel campaign. Customise it for your brand, product and audience.
  • Some of the best practices that will take your Spin the Wheel campaigns from good to great:
    • Keep it simple.
    • Use visual cues.
    • Don’t overcomplicate it.

8 Reasons You Should Use a Spin the Wheel Campaign

Spin the Wheel pop-up campaigns are designed to engage with customers and get them to take action in some way. They are usually used as a promotion or giveaway, but they can be used for any occasion or reason. The best spin the wheel campaigns have the following qualities:

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1. Attracts a wider audience

2. Instantly grabs attention

3. Entices visitors with a chance to win

4. Easy to create and implement on your website

5. Breaks away from the usual pop-ups your visitors see

6. Opportunity to customise your brand offerings and surprises

7. Improves lead conversion and email subscriptions

8. Improves sales by reducing cart abandonment

How to Create the Best Spin the Wheel Pop-Up Campaigns in 5 Steps

When it comes to actually create a Spin the Wheel campaign, there are a few things you need to consider before you can start spinning:

1. Identify the audience and the goals of your campaign

Audience: Who is your target market? Who will you be targeting with this campaign?

Goals: What do you want to achieve with this campaign? How will it benefit your business?

2. Create a custom Spin the Wheel with prizes that are relevant to your business

Discover how the bookstore giant D&R increased AOV by 73% with eCommerce gamification during Black Friday.

Create a custom spin wheel pop-up with prizes that are relevant to your business. For example, if you own a restaurant, offer gift cards as rewards for landing on certain spots on the wheel. If you’re selling yoga mats, give away free yoga lessons or other fitness products as prizes.

3. Change Spin the Wheel pop-up’s design to match your brand’s personality

A spin wheel is an excellent way to increase conversion and email subscription, but it doesn’t have to look like any other spin wheel you see out there in the market today. Instead, consider changing up the design so that it fits within your brand identity and personality.

If your company is known for being fun, quirky and creative, then consider adding graphics like a rainbow or a unicorn to make it stand out from other wheels. If your company is serious and professional, try incorporating solid colours instead of neon ones into your design.

4. Use clear CTAs on the spin wheel design

A clear call-to-action (CTA) means it’s easy to spot what action you should take after landing on a specific result. For example, “Click here to claim your prize!” or “Enter your email address now!”. These CTAs tell people precisely what they need to do next to win a prize or receive more information about your product or service.

Don’t use generic CTAs like “Click here!” or “Submit!”. These CTAs don’t tell people exactly what they need to do next. Instead, use clear CTAs that give them a sense of what will happen when they click on them.

5. Promote and share your custom spin wheel

Promote your Spin the Wheel campaign through social media, email marketing and blog posts. Try using different types of content for each platform to reach different audiences and get them excited about playing. For example, if you’re using Facebook ads, use videos or photos instead of text-based ads when possible because they’re more engaging for users.

Wrapping Up

Spin the Wheel is an interactive gamified marketing tool that gives visitors a prize in exchange for their email addresses. They enter their email addresses for a chance to get a discount, free shipping or anything you’d like to give by spinning the wheel.

Spin the Wheels are excellent tools to increase conversion and email subscriptions. If you wish to know more about how to use Spin the Wheel, you can always contact us 😉

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