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Turn Better Product Recommendations into More Sales with Ecommerce Personalization

As the old saying goes, “You can’t be everything to everyone.” This is true in retail and ecommerce just as much as any other aspect of life. If you are operating an ecommerce store or looking at jumping into business for yourself then you are probably struggling with how to drive customer engagement.

Do you offer niche products to target a specific market? Do you offer everything under the sun to please everyone, or do you try to strike a fine balance? Answering that question can lead you down a long, winding road of self-doubt.

Luckily, you don’t have to limit yourself when choosing the products to offer. Modern ecommerce personalization gives your customers a personalized recommendation that takes their shopping experience to the next level. 

Why Not Just Offer Everything Up Front?

There are countless products you can present to your customers when they arrive at your digital storefront. Why not just give them as many options as possible? With endless selection, they’re bound to find something they like, right?

In fact, the opposite is true. Evidence shows that too many options can overwhelm buyers and lead to indecision. Instead of making a decision and a purchase, buyers often end up window shopping and giving up before spending any money. There are numerous pieces of research that show the downside of having too many options. From fruit spread to investments, an excess of choice is often too much for the human brain to manage.

You can see why offering a wide range of products and selection up front could actually end up hurting your business rather than helping it. People want to find what they need and make a purchase without feeling like they have to do all of the research and decision making on their own. That’s where modern ecommerce personalization comes into play and has the chance to change the way your customers experience your store.

How Do You Manage Ecommerce Personalization?

Offering personalized product recommendations to customers sounds like a great idea but incredibly difficult and time consuming in practice. How do you manage ecommerce personalization as someone operating a business with a number of moving parts and commitments?

Using modern technology is the solution to driving customer engagement. You can’t realistically do this on your own, but you can automate product recommendations for your customers and enjoy the sales performance that comes from that.

How Does Personalization Work?

The entire concept behind ecommerce personalization is the guide your customers from the moment they visit your store to the moment they check out. Luxury car brands have salespeople that help buyers choose the right model for their needs. You can’t sit at the computer with your customers while they shop so you need a virtual salesperson in your place.

Using machine learning, your ecommerce store will appeal to everyone that visits. Their unique interests and habits will be taken into consideration from the moment they first visit your store. They will be welcomed with unique recommendations that make them feel like they are truly valued.

In addition to feeling like they are being valued and catered to, your customers will be given unique choices right up front. No need to dig through your store, visit other stores, and do lengthy comparisons to find what they want and make a buying decision. This entire process is meant to take away the overwhelming feeling of shopping online and help shorten the time between “just shopping” and “checking out.”

Increase Conversions with Machine Learning

There is a lot of information on the internet that your customers could be distracted by at any given moment. When they visit your ecommerce store, they are also wondering what is happening with their friends on social media – if their favorite podcaster has released a new episode, and if there any new viral videos trending. In fact, some research suggests that you only have your customer’s attention for 8 seconds.

How do you make the most of 8 seconds? 

Forcing your potential customers to jump through hoops to find what they want is not the answer. Before you can earn the sale, their mind has moved onto something else. Instead, you need to present a personalized offer that will grab their attention within 8 seconds and keep their attention right through to the sale. Using data and machine learning, you can provide an experience that other ecommerce stores cannot match. With the right recommendations, you can hold their attention and keep it from initial recommendation to final sale.

Take Ecommerce Personalization to the Next Level with Smart Offers

Using machine learning and data, Smart Offers curated by Segmentify can provide an exceptional experience to customers to help you increase sales. It’s like having a salesperson dedicated to greeting your customers at the door.

Segmentify evaluates the data of each unique visitor and serves up a customized experience that will set your ecommerce store apart from the rest. You can turn first time visitors into repeat customers with ecommerce personalization provided through machine learning.

You can’t sit with your customers while they shop but you can offer an online shopping experience that feels like you have expert product guides dedicated to each and every person that visits your ecommerce store.

See how Segmentify can capture the attention of your customers, give them an exceptional personalized experience, and help guide them from first look to purchase. There’s no set up fee and you can have your store operating at peak efficiency with personalized recommendations for each customer. 

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