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3 Crucial Google Analytics Metrics for Summer 2016

Google Analytics Metrics

Website owners would like to know how their website is doing. The most used tool for this purpose is Google Analytics. Normally, everybody wants as many people as possible to come to their website. That’s why first thing everybody looks at is the number of pageviews per month. I need to admit that this is a very important clue about how much traffic the website attracts but it doesn’t tell you everything about your site. It´s known that internet usage increases in summer probably due to more spare time people have. This is good news for a website owner who wants visitors coming to  his\her website. At this point, it becomes especially important how you assess your site using the Google Analytics metrics. Today I will give you 3 crucial Google Analytics Metrics for Summer 2016.

1. Unique Visitor

This metric tells you how many unique visitors have come to your website. This number is calculated by looking at the browser and cookies. So if the user clears the cookies and then goes to your site again that user would be counted twice. The same goes for the case where the visitor uses different browsers and devices. That’s why it doesn’t exactly show the number of unique visitors but this is the closest one to reality. It works better in the long run but anyways I would say this is the most important metric of a website. The number of unique visitors represents the traffic you always want to know about and try to boost.

2. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is something you most likely want to decrease. It shows the number of visitors who come to your site but leave it pretty soon. Don’t mix this term with exit because in exit you spend some time or you have more than one session on your website and then you leave. However, in bounce rate, the visitor immediately leaves the website without spending much time or clicking anywhere. So if you, for example, buy some Google Ads and invest on it  then you want to analyze the results and sees if it was a smart investment. In that case, the number of unique visitors will automatically increase but if they immediately leave the site after clicking the ad it doesn’t do any good for your business. So you need also to check the bounce rate. If the bounce rate also increases drastically with the unique visitors it is not necessarily good news. Basically, you need to keep bounce rate as low as possible while increasing the number of visitors.

3. Referrals

Last but not least, referrals are another important metric about the performance of your site. By looking at the referrals you can see from where the visitors come to your website. This is very crucial because you develop your strategies based on this metric. You may also want to check here to see what referrals really mean. For instance, if you try to get traffic from a website or social media and make some investments on it then you can follow how your strategy is doing and what measures you should take next. Sometimes this may be the most crucial Google Analytics metric because it saves you a lot of money by helping you stop a not working campaign or come up with a new one.

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