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How to Convert and Grow your BigCommerce Store

With Segmentify named as one of the top machine learning startups to watch by Forbes magazine, it’s no wonder we are constantly creating new innovations to connect e-commerce companies with their end users. As Segmentify grows, we grow alongside our partners. This is why we recently teamed up with BigCommerce and started BigCommerce Personalisation by adding two of our exciting apps to the platform to help the BigCommerce based e-commerce websites to convert more. 

BigCommerce and Segmentify Unite  

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform providing devices and tools for building an amazing online business. With BigCommerce powering over 150,000 connected shops in over 100 countries across the globe, they are the leading experts when it comes to building successful e-commerce brands.

BigCommerce features tools to help you grow, security you can easily set and a single hub where you can sell across channels. You also get access to a range of themes, payment integrations and a suite of marketing tools.

It’s no wonder we were excited to add another one of our features to the BigCommerce ecosystem. Alongside the Segmentify Recommendation App we added earlier this year, we have now included the latest from Segmentify – Web Push App. These are the ideal tools to help any e-commerce website convert more within BigCommerce and help turn visitors into customers for their BigCommerce store. With personalised widgets in BigCommerce, you can create a customised experience for any visitors arriving to your BigCommerce store.

Recommendation and Web Push apps to enhance your BigCommerce Store

The Recommendation App is a plug-in tool primarily created for the BigCommerce platform and part of the BigCommerce Personalisation toolset. It is now possible for e-commerce companies to find the Segmentify Recommendation App in the “campaigns” section of their app in “test” mode. Once it is installed, those brands can benefit from Segmentify’s AI-powered recommendation widgets by implementing a few blocks of code to their shop theme. It’s a very easy copy and paste process which can be done in less than 5 minutes!

Segmentify tracks each individual visitor and offers product recommendations personalised to them which result in increased average order value, and promotes cross-selling & up-selling. Recommendation App offers six distinctive strategies for the various web pages on your e-commerce site to encourage users to make that final purchase.

The first strategy is for the Homepage which is arguably the most important page for a new visitor. Recommendation App will allow you to highlight the most popular products or the products which are most similar to any previous searches to increase the likelihood of a purchase.

You also have the option for Product Page recommendations which are most likely to help increase revenue. You can focus on product recommendations according to your customer’s preferences and use the default “Track Your Products” option to recommend products with the default variant. You also have the option to use the advanced “Track Your Product Variants” option to identify each variant and use them to track customer preferences and make personalised recommendations.

The third option you have in the Recommendation App is through the Category Page. When a visitor lands on your category page, it is essential that they are met with recommended items to keep them interested. It is even more important that those recommendations are tailored and specific to each unique visitor. With less than 50% of visitors frequenting your category listings page, it is vital that you peak their interests with bespoke product suggestions. Our smart algorithm constantly detects the most relevant products and categories for each visitor through machine learning technologies.

It’s always excellent news when a customer is ready to make that purchase but why not use the Recommendation App to add a splash more into that basket? The Basket Page is where you can recommend additional products and increase your AOV with the cross-selling feature. It’s like telling a customer “we’re so happy you bought those earrings – how about the matching bracelet?”. Who wouldn’t want to at least have the option presented to them!

Search Pages that come up with “zero search results” are always a bit of a waste. The Recommendation App makes sure that website real estate is used in a more lucrative way! Showing relevant product suggestions might just get the user to consider other purchase options once they see a variety of ‘must-have’ products.

Lastly, the Recommendation App even places an importance on the 404 Page. Broken pages are never a great thing to show a potential customer but using the app allows you to show off products that might turn a 404 into a customer score! Maybe show off a nice mix of new and trending products they’ll adore.
The Bigcommerce Product Recommendation App is clearly an integral part of the way our customers increase sales, personalise their communication and create a tailored experience for their users.

So what about Web Push App?

We’ve discussed the huge benefits to the Bigcommerce Product Recommendation App but we’ve now also added the Web Push app to the BigCommerce platform – so what are the advantages to this?

Web Push allows you have more recurring buyers, convert one time shoppers to loyal customers, generate more revenue and more by reaching thousands with a single click and talk to each of them individually. You can engage in fast and easy communication with users through one-click subscriptions, stay connected across devices and use personalised retargeting when they are not on your site.

With a wide range of personalised campaigns available through the Web Push App, there can be a likelihood with proper targeting to reach a 10% CTR. We have separated our Web Push App into three main sections which focus on a ‘Growth’, ‘Win Back’ and ‘Retention’ approach.


Meet and exceed visitor expectations based on the shopper’s behaviour with personalised campaigns such as ‘Order Follow-up’, ‘Top Sellers’ or ‘New Arrivals’. You also have the option to create bulk campaigns or communicate with customers in micro-segments – whichever works best for your business. The main goal of this category of the Web Push App is to maximise on potential growth strategies for your online business while engaging in a personal way with your visitors. It’s time to grow more!

Win Back

Got some ‘standoffish’ customers? Why not show them the products that speak to them based on their historical behaviour to get them engaged again. We have all received those ‘We Missed You’ messages but when done based on personalised data, the result can likely be re-engaged customers with a new appetite for your products. With the ‘We Missed You’, ‘Churn Prevention’, “Back in Stock’ and ‘Price Drop’ campaigns available to customise as needed; you’ll likely reconnect with those customers you thought were gone forever. 


Jeff Bezos once said “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” When Push App helps you to convert your visitors and make them loyal customers with “Last Visit Reminder”, “Abandoned Cart” and “Nice to Meet You” campaigns that are personalised throughout the customer journey.

With the Web Push App now added alongside the Product Recommendation App to the BigCommerce family, it is very likely to see many more of Segmentify’s premium features popping up on the BigCommerce website throughout the next few months. The BigCommerce Personalisation is now backed by the most intelligent algorithms.

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