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The Best eCommerce Analytics Solution: Real-Time Conversion Analytics

Budget optimisation in eCommerce is essential but also very time-consuming. For a long time, the traditional way has been to create a campaign, launch it, and then receive final results after the campaign ends – only to create a second campaign that will surely follow a similar path. However, in today’s fast-paced world of eCommerce, being this patient does not always pay off.

eCommerce moves very fast and in mere seconds, thousands of visitors come and go from various paid channels. You’ve most likely been spending the majority of your resources on those paid channels to drive visitors, hoping they will turn into paying customers. To keep pace, you need to monitor everything that’s happening in your online store in real-time. As Segmentify, we offer the best Real-Time Conversion Analytics tool in eCommerce, popularly known as Trendify, to help eCommerce stores keep pace.

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Trendify Never Sleeps

Our Real-Time Conversion Analytics tool, Trendify, is designed and developed specifically for eCommerce businesses that want to optimise conversion rates and increase their ROI.

Trendify gives real-time insights into how well each product, category, brand, and campaign performs. These insights are updated every 30 minutes, making the analysis very up to date.  In addition, having access to instant reports at any time allows making well-informed business decisions as you go, instead of waiting for a campaign to end.

An Instant Recipe to Increase Your ROI

We recommend that eCommerce stores not spend time on their underperforming campaigns and focus on their Shining Stars instead!

In the Trendify Sources Column, the exact channels that are driving visitors to the website are visible, as well as those that are not. As a result, businesses can immediately take action on their under-performing campaigns. They can either change them on the fly or completely kill them and reuse the remaining budget for well-performing campaigns, letting those Rising Star products become bonafide rock stars!

Trendify Sources Column tells the real-time performances of:

  • In-Site Views
  • Social Media Referrers
  • Search Engine Catches
  • Paid Advertisement Results
  • Email Marketing Leads
  • Price Listing Deliveries

At Segmentify, we break down the marketing channels that direct customers to your website, so you don’t have to spend time working with a business analyst or waiting for a detailed report. Instead, everything you need to increase your ROI is listed in just one column.

Trendify Has 15 Insights

On top of the previously mentioned benefits of Trendify, it also has 15 insights that our customers can use. Briefly, eCommerce managers are able to check 15 insights and analyse this data. For example, we give information about which products are not in the stocks but are searched a lot, last years’ bestsellers, and much more. 

These 15 insights are:

  1. Rockstar products
  2. High spending 
  3. The best of a bad bunch
  4. Discount works
  5. We wish you have
  6. Abandoned items
  7. Organic bazaar
  8. Social trends
  9. You push hard
  10. Products to improve
  11. Trending products
  12. Losing power
  13. Shining stars
  14. Under shadow
  15. Basket complementaries

Wrapping Up

Trendify is a must for eCommerce managers to properly analyse their products, categories, and website easily and neatly.

At Segmentify, we believe that focusing on data is key for an eCommerce website to expand and grow. Therefore, analysing consumer behaviour and products on data will put you a notch above other eCommerce stores. Check out our 14-day free trial to get to know Trendify better; you won’t regret it.

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