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2024 Marketing Holiday Calendar: Dates You Shouldn’t Miss

Cat Day, Paper-clip Day… Talk Like a Pirate Day! Oh yes, there are many days to celebrate. As well as they are ways to have fun, commemorate, or appreciate anything of any kind, they are also important days for eCommerce businesses. They promise many opportunities and gains if you play it right. There are some rules to each, and if you get them right, there is no reason you shouldn’t end up with a profit. 

Let’s see some important dates you should be aware of in 2024 and what you can do to up your game during those periods. 

Key Takeaways

  • Every holiday has its own characteristics. Tailor your marketing strategies for each individually.
  • Design your website with the spirit of the day.
  • Send push notifications and emails to remind the customers that the big day is approaching.
  • Personalise your widgets and product recommendations to provide the best shopping experience.

6 Tips to Prepare for the Best Holiday Season

  1. Use colours that often represent or are associated with those days to remind your customers that the relevant date is approaching. 
  1. Use banners to showcase your best suitable products or special campaigns for that day and design them accordingly with relevant shapes and colours.
  1. Use specific keywords while presenting your products or bundles. For example, for Valentine’s Day, offer bundles with the name “sincerely hers-his” and name your products such as “valentine candle”.
  1. While preparing for the day yourself, your customers must also be preparing. Make sure they look forward to the day by sending them email reminders and push notifications. Utilise banners and timers on your site.
  1. Offer promotions and coupons to motivate your customers, and design them accordingly.
  1. Add personalised widgets and product recommendations with relevant products on your landing & search pages.

Q1 Marketing Holiday Calendar

Black History Month – Throughout February

It is celebrated all around the world to honour and commemorate the legacy of African Americans in history. Show your support and that you value diversity this month.

Grammy Awards – February 5

It is a ceremony that celebrates music and musical achievements of artists of the last year. 

Join your audience in their enthusiasm and share about Grammy Awards on social media.

Chinese New Year – February 10

It is a spring festival that celebrates the Lunar New Year. There is no set date on the Solar calendar; it can occur anytime between January 21 and February 20. Chinese New Year 2024 falls on Saturday, February 10.

Each year is assigned one of the 12 zodiac animals, and it will be the year of the Dragon in 2024. You can get your business ready for promoting your related products that can be used for the preparation for the Chinese New Year. 

Valentine’s Day – February 14

Valentine’s Day has become more like a day of exchanging gifts between lovers and is a day around when commerce becomes alive and dynamic. Use pink and red to remind your customers of this day and what it signifies, and pin heart-shaped and red-pink products to your landing page.

International Women’s Day – March 8 

A day to celebrate women and stress upon equality around the world. Incorporate this into your marketing campaign and use this as an opportunity to feature staff members’ and women’s stories.

Read More: International Women’s Day Marketing Tips

Oscar Night – March 11 

An event that is discussed and followed all around the world, the Academy Awards aims to honour the successes in the film industry. Let your audience know you are also a fan and ask for their predictions about the winners. 

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St. Patrick’s Day – March 17

Actually a religious holiday, St. Patrick’s Day has become a day to celebrate Irish culture. Unlike most holidays, it is not a day to exchange gifts but mostly to gear up. So, keep that in mind while preparing for the day and making product recommendations. 

Use the colour green and symbols like shamrocks, leprechaun hats and pots of gold on your website and social media. 

First Day of Spring – March 20

Celebrate the coming of the sun and the beginning of spring with your audience from the Northern hemisphere and promote your seasonal products.

Easter Day – March 31

An important day for Christians, Easter Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. As a spring holiday, it represents resurrection and rebirth. 

Use pastel colours like baby blue, pink, green, purple, and yellow. Place bunnies, easter baskets, eggs etc.

Q2 Marketing Holiday Calendar

National Pet Day – April 11

A day to celebrate pets’ existence and “the joy they bring into our lives”. It aims to draw attention to the animals waiting to be adopted in shelters and rescued from suffering. 

Reserve this day to cherish animals of all kinds and try to bring awareness of the vulnerable state some are in.

Mother’s Day

Celebrated on different days in different countries, from March to May, most countries will celebrate Mother’s Day on May 14 next year. So, it is vital to double-check which date your target country is celebrating the day. People buy gifts for their mothers, wives, and friends to honour and appreciate their motherhood.  

Ask for fun or touching stories from your customers about their mothering experiences. To ease their shopping experience, create gift guides and make bundle recommendations. 

Star Wars Day – May 4

It feels perfectly normal to have a day for a series that is so commonly known. It is an excellent opportunity to engage your customers and get interaction on social media with Star Wars-themed content and emails.

May the Fourth Be With You!

Cinco De Mayo – May 5

It is a day celebrated mainly by Mexicans in the USA to commemorate the Mexican army’s victory over France at the battle of Pueblo.  

Celebrate the beauty of Mexico with your followers and adapt your marketing strategies to this day.

Pride Month – Throughout June

There is more to celebrating Pride Month than splashing a rainbow to your brand logo. This month is about gender rights and honours the Stonewall Riots

Show that you care about LGBTQ community and advocate for their freedom.

Father’s Day – June 16

Celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year, we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day on June 16, 2024. Encourage your audience to express their love for their father and honour fatherhood.

First Day of Summer – June 21 

The first day of summer is the longest day of the year at the north pole.

Use the long daylight hours and shine upon your audience with your warm summer campaigns!

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Glastonbury Festival – June 26-30

It is the biggest festival in the world and attracts around 200.000 people each year. It is a festival full of art, including music, dance, theatre, cabaret, and even a circus. 

Appearance is of high importance so promote your most interesting and beautiful gear pieces and accessories.

Q3 Marketing Holiday Calendar

Summer Bank Holiday – August 26 

Celebrated on the last Monday of August each year, Summer Bank Holiday started off as a holiday for bankers to be able to participate in cricket matches, hence the name. Now it is a public holiday when people can have 3 days weekend and celebrate the end of summer with parades, carnivals and many sort of events. 

Dance, music and costumes are common for this holiday. So, you can highlight your best clothing and accessory goods and create some inviting campaigns.

National Hispanic Heritage Month – September 15-October 15

Each year America celebrates the history and culture of Hispanic American and remembers their contributions and influence on American society.  

Pay tribute to the legacy of Hispanic Americans and share your appreciation with your audience.

Oktoberfest – September 21-October 6

Starting at the end of September into the beginning of October, Oktoberfest is one of the biggest festivals that hosts millions of visitors from various countries. They come together to enjoy drinks, food, culture, dance and music. 

Get in the mood for Oktoberfest and create fun content to take your part in the hype. 

Q4 Marketing Holiday Calendar

National Day of Spain – October 12

Also known as Columbus day, it commemorates the first arrival of Columbus in America. Each year Spanish people worldwide celebrate the nation’s achievements and history. 

Join your Hispanic customers and followers in celebrating this momentous day.

Halloween – October 31

Halloween is one of those days that marketers let their crazy out and bring their most thrilling ideas into reality. Creativity is the limit when it comes to Halloween preparations and campaigns. But there are a few things you should certainly pay attention to. 

Decorate your website and social media pages as you would your house. Make your customers feel the atmosphere as they go through your website and feed. Draw your followers’ attention with your meticulously designed posts.

Read our Scary eCommerce Stories to Tell in the Dark: Spooky Failures.

Diwali – November 1

Although originally a Hindu holiday, it has become more of a cultural holiday. It is, in fact, the biggest holiday of the year in India and is celebrated by non-Hindus as well. It occurs on the darkest day of the lunar month, enlightened by the row of clay lamps people light. 

In case you don’t know, it is as important as Christmas is for Christians. So, show your customers that you celebrate it with them.

Independence Day of Poland – November 11 

Polish people have been coming together and celebrating the restoration of their sovereignty and independence with parades and majestic ceremonies since 1920.

Greet your Polish followers on this day and share their enthusiasm.

Black Friday – November 25

Black Friday must be the biggest and busiest day for the eCommerce world. You need to prepare well and think of every possibility beforehand.

There will be a lot of traffic on this day, like, literal chaos. Test your website to ensure that customers won’t encounter any server problems. Let your customers know you are ready for the craze through multiple channels.

Read for more tips: Best Black Friday Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies

Hanukkah – December 25 – January 2

Hanukkah is an important holiday for the Jewish community. It literally means “dedication” and lasts 8 days and nights. 

Since it is not a time to exchange gifts, you can promote your products for decoration and share your good wishes with your Jewish customers on social media.

Christmas – December 25 

The best time to start preparing for Christmas is the earliest time possible. You should start your preparations months in advance. Pretend both your website and social media pages are your Christmas tree. Bring the holiday spirit and customise your content, products and campaigns.

Read our detailed guide on the types of customers you’ll see this Christmas and how you can deal with them. 

Wrapping Up

Every day is a day to celebrate, but for eCommerce businesses, there are only a few when compared. And yet, they are enough to keep marketers busy all year long. 

Not personalising your campaigns and excluding it while setting your marketing strategies would be a wilful ignorance since many customers don’t prefer shopping from a business that doesn’t care about their needs. Segmentify is here to answer all your questions and help strengthen your personalisation strategies. We’re only a message away!

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